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Executive Summary

Oliver Wyman Group (OWG) is a New York-based, global consulting firm that creates business strategies for healthcare, energy, transportation, aviation, and retail companies.

The company’s global mobility team identified a significant employee-driven request to access the company’s latest Global Address List (GAL) directory on their smartphones: this would enable the employees to identify and avoid unsolicited calls, quickly search for any colleague’s contact information, and keep frequent collaborators on speed dial. The Microsoft Office 365 solution does not provide automated directory sync capabilities for users.

The mobility team identified their requirements: a secure, cloud-based solution that ran on Azure, and would be flexible and easy to configure, with ample room to scale to thousands of smartphones.


The company’s global staff of over 6,200 employees often spends months at a time working on the road, making and taking calls from smartphones is essential. With the increasing frequency of unsolicited calls and the need to contact colleagues frequently, the employees were not satisfied with the manual updates and error-prone contact lists.

OWG spent months hunting for the right solution. Most required manual setup including collecting and compiling employee contact information and uploading the list to individual phones. All updates were manual with the result that outdated contact data might languish for months. The potential for human error was significant.

“We found that people overwhelmingly wanted caller ID on their phone. Unfortunately, we had no way to give them any of this. The amount of time it would take to update the Global Address List manually is daunting. It could be a 40-hour project for someone on my team each quarter. That’s a month of labor each year.”

says Bill Westfall, Head of Global Mobility at OWG


CiraSync: The Right Solution for Enterprise

The Oliver Wyman Group chose CiraSync for their enterprise. CiraSync lets business enterprises automatically sync their Office 365 contacts to employee iPhones and Androids. It is a secure, cloud-based solution that is extremely easy to setup, does not require user training, and can scale quickly to thousands of smartphones.

“We looked at a lot of vendors for this,” Westfall says, “and CiraSync is the best one.”

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Employees are thrilled at the productivity gains with caller ID and colleague search features. Gone are the interruptions from spam calls and the frustration of not being able to find a colleague’s contact information. Not only is the information they want right at their fingertips, it’s always accurate and up to date.

The global mobility team is also pleased with how simple contact management has become. Using the dynamic distribution groups OWG created in Azure, CiraSync automatically pushes out updated contact lists on a daily basis. “The ‘set it and forget it’ aspect is very convenient,” Westfall says. “It saves an enormous amount of time and completely eliminates human error.”

Immediate ROI, Impressive Customer Service

According to Westfall, CiraSync paid for itself within the first six months. OWG spends about $50,000 for Cirasync annual license. Westfall estimates CiraSync saves OWG $100,000 a year in labor costs.

OWG has also been impressed with CiraSync’s proactive customer service throughout the project. CiraSync went out of its way to speed up OWG’s synchronization at no extra cost once the solution was up and running. “Their service is very good. They had already made the sale. They didn’t have to do anything more, but they went the extra mile anyway,” stated Westfall.

Moving Forward

OWG plans on taking advantage of CiraSync’s total functionality by enabling additional features. They plan to add syncing Outlook calendars and shared folders, which collaborating team members are eager to capitalize on. Happily, Westfall notes, the CiraSync license already includes these additional features.


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