Keep Teams Connected During Emergencies

Automatically Synced Shared Contacts and Calendars to Smartphones, Anytime, Anywhere

Emergency management is being able to collaborate, communicate, and cooperate with all the members of your organization during disruptive times. Disruptions to business operations can be caused by any number of reasons including power outages, weather, accidents, terrorist attacks, and pandemics.

All types of organizations including the local, state, and federal governments, hospitals, schools, airlines, broadcasting services, energy and utility providers, manufacturing, and transportation require emergency management, preparedness, and plans.

In fact, any industry that has a large group of people that they will need to reach in a hurry must have an emergency management plan in place.

Keep emergency teams connected with automatically synced shared contacts, calendars, and sticky notes to smartphones.

Cira Apps supports Emergency Organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic with a 180-day free subscription (no contract, no credit card) of CiraSync.

Communications During Emergencies


Collaborate with one another on very short notice, and communicate with a large number of their employees in a very short time span.


High locatability so you can always receive a call from a colleague using always-on processes and high network resilience.

Human Resources

Have a system to periodically validate ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact details for all employees in an organization.



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