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Executive Summary

HB Global is a holding company responsible for four brands in residential and commercial-mechanical plumbing and HVAC contracting. Headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, their 1,000-plus employees across the four brands work on projects up and down the East Coast, jobsites across the U.S., as well as in their headquarters in Harrisburg.


The IT department and employees at HB Global were challenged with manually adding and removing contacts from their phones each time a new person was hired or when someone left the company. They also found that there was no easy way to sync their contacts after the company migrated to Microsoft Office 365 in July of 2018. Each employee was tasked with manually updating phone numbers and email address each time there was a change. Clearly, this practice was not sustainable for a fast growing company.

At first, the company used a single Microsoft Exchange account to store contacts and put this account on all user smartphones. However, they knew this solution was not going to work in the long run. They were desperate for a fix and that is when Dylan Geisinger, Help Desk Supervisor at HB Global, took matters into his own hands.

“With CiraSync, we literally set it and forget it. The solution just works . . . plain and simple.”

Dylan Geisinger, Help Desk Supervisor, HB Global

The Hard Way VS CiraSync Way


In the summer of 2019, Mr. Geisinger began searching the internet for help. He checked out reviews on G2 and even reached out to the Spiceworks community. He read about a lot of other organizations having the same syncing challenges and how they solved the issue. Most of the reviews recommended CiraSync, so he decided to test it out with a free CiraSync Enterprise Edition trial.

“We needed a cost-effective solution, and not only did I find CiraSync to be what I was looking for, it was a no brainer since it was so easy to get started,” said Geisinger.

He set up distribution groups, and now everyone with a mobile device can access up-to-date contact information at the company. “Once we decided to move forward, all of the information we added into the system during the trial was saved. This made it so easy to get up and running. We literally set it and forget it. CiraSync does the job it’s supposed to do,” he added.

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