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How to perform Calendar sync with SyncGene 

SyncGene enables users to sync Contacts and Calendars between various platforms automatically.  

Users can perform Calendar sync in the following steps: 

1. Log into SyncGene using your credentials and click ADD SOURCE to add a calendar source.  

Adding a source on SyncGene

2. Add at least 2 calendar sources to sync by entering your login details for Google, O365, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, or Apple iCloud.  

SyncGene sources

3. Click ALLOW to grant access to SyncGene at each source. SyncGene will automatically redirect you to the MANAGE SOURCES tab.  

Granting SyncGene access

4. Click the WHAT TO SYNC tab and select Synchronize Calendars. You can add specific calendars by using the + Add Calendar button, then click SAVE.  

Selecting a Calendar

5. Click SYNC ALL to sync Calendars between the sources you have added.  

NOTE: If you want to back up your data, enable permissions for SyncGene to access your Google Drive.  

For more information on syncing Calendars with SyncGene, please check out SyncGene’s guidelines.