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Sync Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks Automatically.

Works across iPhone, Android, Outlook, Gmail and other apps.

Sync Gene, was recently acquired by Cira Apps as a product offering for both new and existing users. This acquisition will help provide customers with even more expansive sync options. Sync Gene is available for purchase directly through CiraSync, or on the Sync Gene platform, here.

SyncGene Overview


SyncGene is a cloud service which automatically synchronizes Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks cross-platform. Users can sync their Calendar, Contacts and Tasks with other iPhone, iPad, Mac, iCloud account, as well as Google and Microsoft devices and services. Sync Contacts, Calendar Events, and Tasks between iPhones/iPads via iCloud with Google Gmail, Outlook 365,, Hotmail and Exchange. Changes made on any device are shared between connected accounts. SyncGene is not a replacement for Existing Calendars, Address Books, or To-do web services, but rather a service that connects and synchronizes personal data of apps. SyncGene is compatible with Cloud platforms such as Google, iCloud, Microsoft 365 or Hotmail. SyncGene is accessible online, as well as via mobile apps, and can be used with any device (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, etc.).

Collaborate More Effectively with SyncGene

SyncGene allows companies to stay up to date with their Contacts and be on time with all meetings, workflow changes, and emergencies. Organizations can collaborate more efficiently and effectively by using SyncGene to generate shared libraries. SyncGenes competitive pricing makes it ideal for small and large-scale companies and even for personal use. With SyncGene, users can gather all their contact information from several platforms and devices into one central location where they can access it from any device and never worry about losing any valuable contacts. SyncGenes automatic sync ensures that no files or documents are lost. This cloud-based synchronization platform keeps contacts, calendars, and documents organized, and ensures that users are always aware of the tasks that need to be completed. Users can simply login to SyncGene, add their accounts and start synchronization in a few steps.

Sync Calendar, Contacts and Tasks



SyncGene allows users to share family, colleagues or work group Contacts (customers, leads, etc.) between different devices. With SyncGene, users can also back up important contact information from many platforms and devices into one central location where it can be accessed from any device. Users can combine all past and existing contact data to make sure that any modifications are applied correctly.



Tasks are synchronized between apps without being duplicated with SyncGene. Users can sync tasks across multiple devices, email accounts, WebApps and services.



SyncGene allows for the sharing and editing of calendar events with people on different platforms. This includes Google, iCloud, Microsoft 365, Microsoft or any other cloud account. With calendar synchronization any changes made would be synchronized between both users. For example, using the SyncGene platform to send a Gmail event to a user on iCloud/iPhone, the owner of that account would be able to view and edit the event. Users just need to link their iCloud Calendar to Google Calendar and the changes that are made in one source will be automatically transferred to another without any duplicates.

Sync Direction

The Sync Direction option allows users to decide which direction the contacts, tasks, and calendar events will be synced. With SyncGene users can one-way or two-way sync multiple iCloud Calendar and Gmail Contact accounts. SyncGene will sync web apps, email accounts and devices automatically. With two-way sync any changes made are synced across connected accounts on all devices. All connected devices and services will see any updates that users make to their Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks. Two-Way Sync is enabled by default for Calendar Events, Contacts, and Tasks. Calendar events, contacts, and tasks each have their own specific Sync Direction settings. The duration of the sync process depends on data size across the accounts. It’s important to note that when synchronizing for the first time, the process can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or even more.

SyncGene Features

Auto & Constant Synchronization

Automatic sync: should data be changed or updated, SyncGene will automatically & constantly update all the sources and devices with the latest changes.

Centralized administration

With SyncGene, use the admin panel to manage member accessibility, control user data, and see synchronization status in real-time for each account.

Centralized billing

Consolidate spending into one monthly payment. Receive invoices remotely, in one place. Various payment options are available: credit card, PayPal, wire transfers or checks.

Salesforce Contacts Synchronization

Sync Contacts from Salesforce with other sources, such as iCloud, Google and Microsoft Exchange. Only one Salesforce license, with API integration, is needed to manage an entire business. Add unlimited number of users at once. Import an entire organization worth of accounts at once, in a few clicks.


With SyncGene users can map folders and groups on the “What to sync” page. Use Folder Mapping to sync data between any chosen Folders or Groups.

Time savings

SyncGene is an easy automation tool for busy people. SyncGene syncs web apps, email accounts and devices automatically. No need to enter the same information on multiple devices or services.


SyncGene is compatible with Google, iCloud, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Exchange. It can be used with Android, iPhone, Samsung, and Windows phones. Any smartphone running an iOS or Android operating system can use SyncGene. Additionally, Google Contacts and iPhone synchronization will work with various mobile devices or software versions.

Automatic Scheduling

SyncGenes automatic scheduling feature ensures contacts on all devices are always up to date. Any updates or additions to Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks will be shown on all linked devices and services. Since SyncGene updates all connected accounts, only one preferred account is needed per phone.

Transfer Contacts and Calendar Events

SyncGene allows an instant Transfer of Contacts and Calendar events from one device to another. Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone or transfer Contacts between iPhones. SyncGene enables an easy information transfer between multiple devices. Forget importing/exporting data files. SyncGene will do it automatically.

Safety and Security

SyncGene is a safe, reliable service that is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Personal information is not stored on SyncGene. All data from iCloud, Google Drive, or OneDrive backups are recoverable. This service simply serves as an intermediary tool for sharing and synchronizing information.

SyncGene Subscriptions

SyncGene offers Individual, Teams and Enterprise subscription plans which provide users with a variety of different synchronization features.