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How Does CiraSync Work?

Not sure about or confused how CiraSync works? This video covers how CiraSync syncs the Office 365 GAL to smartphones in less than a minute! To learn how CiraSync handles user data, watch our Data Security video!

CiraSync Data Security

Cira Apps Ltd. takes user data security very seriously and has taken multiple actions to ensure user data is kept secure and is compliant with all existing data security laws. CiraSync integrates tightly with Microsoft Azure and utilizes the Azure Consent Framework....

How to Sync Public Folder Calendars

Public Folders are a fantastic tool for companies and small teams who wish to collaborate through Microsoft Outlook. Both the shared calendar and shared contact features are very useful when it comes to sharing the latest contact information, meetings, and events....

How to Sync Public Folder Contacts

Public Folders are an incredibly powerful tool allowing teams to collaborate in a group environment via their outlook platform. However, there is one key issue: Public Folders do not allow smartphone users to sync, let alone view the information within them on their...