Sync Everything, Everyway.

2-Way Sync for: Mailboxes, Public Folders, Directories, CRM’s Sharepoint, G-Suite, Microsoft Enterprise Applications


The Ultimate Multi-Way Sync Tool for most Contact, Calendar, and CRM’s.
Calendar to Calendar and back? Done. GAL to GAL? No Problem. Public Folder contacts to Salesforce, with Salesforce contacts back to the folder? Say no more. Keep any one, two, three or 100 end points in constant two-way sync with CiraHub.

Finally, A Multi-Way Sync Solution for Microsoft and G-Suite Users.

CiraHub is an omni-directional sync tool allowing organizations to sync, merge, and keep up-to-date contacts, calendars, and CRM data maintained. Sync data from one source, to any other, and back – it’s that simple.

Use smartphones to jumpstart employee productivity. Contact and calendar management available in the office and on the go. 

Executive Assistants

Easily manage executives address book and calendars on the go. Can view and update multiple calendars, all from one central platform. 


Can onboard new employees by allowing them to sync and share the company calendar and address book.


Effectively collaborate with colleagues in different departments or organizations by allowing them to consolidate and share contacts and calendars to use as a single resource. 

Watch the video

How to Set Up the First Hub & Spoke with CiraHub

This is a short explanatory video showing a step-by-step example of how to set up a Hub & Connect a Spoke, along with a step-by-step practical demonstration.

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Scale as You Grow

Automatically sync unlimited number of shared contacts and calendars in Office 365, on-Premise Exchange servers, and Public Folders.

Supercharge Your CRM

Sync Salesforce, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and more. Transfer, duplicate, and share customer contacts across all employee devices.

Centralized Management

Clean and intuitive UI designed for easy setup for users with and without IT knowledge or experience.

Manage Your Address Book on-the-go

Two-way sync allows easy management of contacts and calendars at your workstation  and on smart devices.

Get a taste of Two-Way Sync. Try CiraHub Today.

CiraHub, 60 Days, 3 Hubs, 20 spokes free. Two-way sync of contacts, calendars, and CRM data.

Upcoming Features

In future updates, CiraHub will integrate with the following applications:

More for Microsoft

SharePoint and Dynamics CRM.

Other Applications Outside of Microsoft

Other applications outside the Microsoft ecosystem.

More Support for Your Sales Team

CRMs such as Zoho.