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« Exclusively for T-Mobile Business Customers on Microsoft 365. »

Sync All of the Following to T-Mobile Smartphones

  • Employee Directory Global Address List
  • Customer Contact Lists
  • Vendor Contact Lists
  • Shared Calendars

Interested Parties Must Have:

  • 20 or more T-Mobile phones on your account
  • You are syncing your phones to Microsoft 365
  • An Email from your T-Mobile Rep confirming that you are a business user with 20 or more smartphones

Know who’s calling…

What’s your excuse when the CEO asks why you ignored their call?

Robocall? Supplier? Colleague? It should be easy to know who’s calling you. But the reality is… it isn’t.

With no native solution to sync 365 GAL contacts across your organization, you’re left fighting a barrage of distractions and relying on band-aid fixes.

Every IT Admin knows this all too well, but most don’t know the best way to solve it. (Hint: it’s not scripts, macros, or crossing your fingers)

Company GAL contacts don’t sync themselves.

Without an automated GAL sync solution, that giant company contact list has to be manually synced by an administrator.

Every time someone’s phone number changes? It needs to be pushed out. An employee leaves? That’s right, IT has to resolve the problem company wide. This leads to address book errors, wasted time, and lost opportunities.

CiraSync is the automatic sync solution you never know you needed.