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Our recently published infographic describes 9 best practices to consider when selecting a software solution for automatically syncing Microsoft Office 365 shared contacts and calendars to business smartphones. This blog post summarizes a few of the key best practices and provides a link to download the infographic. If you prefer a video, there is a link below to the video version of the infographic.

Tip #1: Automated Sync Solution

Look for a solution that automatically syncs shared contacts and calendars to users en masse. Solutions that require manual syncs do not scale and end up being time consuming and costly, especially for larger businesses. 

Tip #2: Solution with Incremental Update Functionality

Save time and effort by picking a solution that updates incrementally. Solutions with incremental update functionality provides scalability that full updates don’t have. 

Tip #3: Granular Control over Contact Lists and Recipients

Granular control over contact list and recipients is important feature because you don’t want to syncing thousands of contacts to everyone in the company. 

Tip #4: No User Training or Client Configuration Necessary

Spending time training someone to use a solution is not a good use of time. Instead, select a set-it-and-forget-it solution to save company time and resources that can be used to tackle other business matters. 

Tip #5: Security and GDPR-Compliance

The solution must safeguard company assets; for example, you don’t want a solution that can poke holes into your firewalls. And, if your company does business in the European Union, GDPR compliance is critical.

Watch the Buyer’s Guide video to review more tips for selecting an automated Microsoft Office 365 GAL sync solution for your enterprise. You can also view, share, or download the Buyers Guide as an infographic.