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Companies lose thousands of hours due to unsynced contacts

What happens to a company address list when employees are responsible for updates? It never gets updated. This leads to missed calls, missed meetings, confusion and chaos. Before you realize it, hundreds if not thousands of hours in employee productivity are gone. Luckily, there’s a better way.

The Old Way

Old Way

A user’s smartphone address book is hap hazard and sometimes randomly updated. Some contacts for coworkers are present but most are incomplete and, in many cases, inaccurate. The bigger problem is that there are potentially hundreds of contacts missing.

The most common way to overcome this was for each user to do some annoying work:

  • Hand edit changes to coworker or customer contacts
  • Create contacts for new staff members.
  • Remove contacts of terminated employees
  • As soon as they find out someone’s new number, stop and update that contact.

The New Way

New Way

One person maintains a master contact of all employees in a contact folder. Alternatively, the Global Address List is kept up to date.

Using sync automation, the master contact list is pushed to hundreds or thousands of smartphones.

Users don’t have to do anything. No training is required. No software needs to be installed at their desktop or on their smartphone.

The IT Team is in complete control with a web-based dashboard to manage all contacts lists on all smartphones.

Now, one person can do the work of 1000 people.


The efforts of a data steward that carefully maintains contact lists can be synced to hundreds or thousands of smartphones providing near real time updates to smartphone address books.
Smartphones are ingrained in the corporate landscape of Microsoft 365 and Exchange. Employee productivity is compromised when smartphone address books are left to die of loneliness. You can maximize the benefit of smartphone address books by maintaining one “Employee master copy of record”

Alternative Results

If you are thinking it is beneficial to start get end user smartphone address books updated, there are a few ways to achieve this:

Alternative Alternative Results Alternative Price
1 Do Nothing Ask users to be more diligent about updating their contacts Productivity loss $200/smartphone user per year
Someone else Partial solution. Get EA to update contacts for all VIP’s EA’s time, about 30 minutes per exec per month
2 Drag and Drop Depends on user compliance, Slow process. Can be done incorrectly making things worse Employee staff time. Additional IT staff time to fix
Share Mailbox Hard to manage, not scalable, anyone can change master contact list. Bad for BYOD – can’t disconnect separated employees A few minutes to setup each user, fix accidental changes to master, daily prayer time to ask god so you won’t need to reset password
3 In house script Costly to develop, maintain, modify, diagnose. Inefficient use of Bandwidth 50 to 100 hours developer time depending on requirements

Or, you can use CiraSync on Microsoft Office 365. Setup takes minutes and you can centrally manage contacts for all of users from a single dashboard.

Anyone that tries it immediately gets that it is way better, saves an immense amount of time and to boot – it’s cheaper.

If you are in Information Technology and you want to give every cost-saving benefit possible to your end users, this solution is for you.

Ethan B.

Early Adopter


“Our biggest issue was not having the contacts in our GAL accessible to everyone on their phones.

After Centralized Contact Sync

“This became an effortless process and the results have been fantastic. We created groups of contacts for users in the different departments of our organization without any involvement on their part”

Duration to Implement

4 hours



Ed H.

Early Adopter


We struggled for years to be able to get contacts to end users’ mobile devices. We had a person that it was literally part of their job duties to maintain CSVs for all employees and import them to the mailboxes so they would appear in their mobile contacts. And if one changed, they would either need to update all the user’s mailboxes or communicate the change to the end users. A complete waste of time.

After Centralized Contact Sync

CiraSync eliminated the need of this useless work and made it very simple to maintain accurate and up-to-date contacts on ALL mobile devices.

Duration to Implement

4 hours



For all enterprise users on Microsoft Exchange and 365

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CiraSync’s capability and benefits go much further than contact and calendar synchronization. The platform allows business users to take control over their smartphone data, cutting back on wasted time, missed calls, and lost opportunities. There’s no reason to take our word for it though, here you can find many of our e-books which detail the business ROI CiraSync can offer your enterprise.


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