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Executive Summary

Skender, a large-scale design, construction, and manufacturing company based in Chicago, provides quality construction projects to business technology, health care, hospitality, and real estate development industries. Skender has been delivering high-quality projects through its team of more than 300 industry experts for more than 60 years. The company chose to implement Microsoft 365 in 2015 and has a technical team that serves all 300+ employees across the organization. Most employees are on job sites across Illinois, so having access to accurate and up-to-date contacts from their Global Address List (GAL) is mission-critical in the field.


Implementing Microsoft 365 company-wide was a big win for Skender; however, they ran into a limitation of the software once it was up and running. Contacts didn’t automatically sync with the new system, so old employees would remain in the system while new employees were not included in the company address book.

Field workers started to complain, and the systems administrators had to rely on sending out instructions on how to update contacts via corporate email and then cross their fingers that employees would maintain their contacts on their own. Most didn’t, and it became a big problem for the company.

“CiraSync fits in easily to our workflow. Once a new user comes on, we don’t even have to think about it; it just works seamlessly.”

Clint Siebert, Senior Systems Administrator, Skender

The Hard Way VS CiraSync Way


Needing a way to manage and sync contacts from the GAL, Clint Siebert , Senior Systems Administrator at Skender, took to the internet to find solutions to solve his problem. He found CiraSync to be the best and most cost-effective way to do so.

“Setting up CiraSync was easy to do and worked seamlessly right off the bat,” said Siebert . “At first, we set up CiraSync with a Public Folder and then switched over to distribution groups for even more ease-of-use for our diverse groups of employees here at Skender,” he continued. With distribution groups set up for his organization, contacts were automatically synced to employee smartphones. Since implementing CiraSync, Siebert has found that employee productivity has increased significantly, and he couldn’t be more pleased.

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