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This article will outline how you can access Gmail with Microsoft outlook. CiraHub consolidates numerous data sources from multiple platforms ensuring that the information remains consistent across devices and software.

How to Access Gmail With Outlook

Let’s start by discussing how to configure Outlook to operate with Gmail. This is useful if you want to utilize Gmail for the majority of your email needs but still want to use Outlook’s organizational features.

1. Open Outlook and go to File.

2. Click Add Account.

3. Enter your Gmail email address in the Email Address text box. Select Connect next.

4. Enter your Gmail password, then select Connect.

5. Click allow to give Microsoft Outlook access to your Gmail Account.

6. Wait while Outlook connects with your Gmail account.

7. You can add another email account or choose Done once Outlook has finished adding your Gmail account.

Why connect Gmail to Outlook?

Connecting Gmail to Outlook will allow you to manage your Gmail account from Outlook. Having a central location where you can access all of your calendars, contacts, and inboxes can be so helpful for organizations of all sizes. Setting up Gmail in Outlook just takes a few minutes because the process is really simple.

Why CiraSync? 

CiraSync automates the syncing of Office 365 Global Address Lists, shared calendars, Public Folders, and CRM contacts to business smartphones. The CiraSync platform provides centralized administration with single sign-on, granular control, and best-in-class support. No software to install, no client configuration, and no need for user training.