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Check Out How CiraSync Works!

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"An essential tool."

Nathan M.

Wine Educator

"CiraSync is the functionality that Microsoft 365 should have built in."

Ed H.

Senior Network Administrator / IT manager

"Best software purchase we've made in a long time."

Doran B.

Senior Network Administrator, Morse Electric

Microsoft 365 does not automatically sync GAL contacts or shared calendars to smartphones.

Fixing the missing sync is not simple or easy

Manual workarounds for syncing contacts, calendars, and notes to smartphones are error prone and time consuming. Custom apps are not scalable or have limited functionality.

Loss of productivity and revenue for businesses

Without an automatic GAL sync solution, employees waste time looking up current contact information, are unable to identify critical business calls, or are forced to make manual updates. Unsynced shared calendars lead to missing business-critical meetings and ineffective management of projects, emergencies, or shifts.