About CiraSync solution

“Best software purchase we’ve made in a long time!”

Doran B.
Sr. Infrastructure Engineer

Other than their impressive technical skills, overall the best part is their personal one-on-one service. It has been outstanding. I feel I have gotten to know their staff very well, and they go out of their way to find out answers and get the desired results achieved. I have dealt with a lot of tech support and customer service and these guys blow all others out of the water; they are 5 star plus. I am very impressed and so is the owner of our business.

Kelley M.

“CiraSync solved lots of problems for me”

Wendy S., Director of Business Services

I love knowing who in my organization is calling me! People who I rarely speak to call me and I answer saying ‘Hello [firstname],” and they are surprised and delighted I have their number saved on my phone!

Current user

Information Technology and Services

The ease of use and ability to begin syncs quickly was impressive. We used a competitive product that required significant setup, involvement of vendor support, and regular maintenance to work. CiraSync has worked wonderfully since the day we started.

Executive Sponsor

“A fantastic tool for keeping our company’s contacts in sync”

Lauren W.
Information Technology Support Specialist

CiraSync is our solution to mainly sync contact information to our organization’s iDevices. Rather than depending on a Global Address List (which is not really fast in delivering information), CiraSync pushes information directly to the devices, always available information, on- or off line. We are happy customers.

Eddy K.

Facility Manager & IT, 24Vision.Solutions

It’s super easy to setup. Instructions are clear, and support is really helpful and quick to reply. Once it’s all set, you don’t have to do much afterwards if you are using groups in Microsoft 365. We have been using it for years now and not planning on getting rid of it anytime soon!

Maxime T.

Systems and Network administrator, Ecosystem Energy Services

We were having issues with syncing contacts to Android users, creating groups, and sync to a certain group of individuals etc. CiraSync provides the much required sync piece. Provides a clean interface to sync contacts to groups or individuals. Very useful if you have users who need custom contacts etc.

Swati S.

Information Technology Advisor and Consultant, Education

“CiraSync Helped Tremendously”

Joseph W., Director of IT & Production Services

We struggled for years to be able to get contacts to end users’s mobile devices. We had a person that it was literally part of their job duties to maintain CSVs for all employees and import them to the mailboxes, so they would appear in their mobile contacts. And, if one changed, they would either need to update all the users mailboxes or communicate the change to the end users. A complete waste of time. CiraSync eliminated the need for this useless work and made it very simple to maintain accurate and up-to-date contacts on ALL mobile devices.

Ed H.

Senior Network Administrator, Morse Electric

“This is the missing link between Microsoft’s contacts and Smartphones”

Current User

In a HIPAA-concerned field, information system administrators need a way to control access to information. And, in a 24×7 environment, it is important to put important information at staff’s fingertips. CiraSync was the perfect product for us. I can control information and push just what is needed to staff phones.

The thing I like the most about the product is a very intuitive user interface. Even if I haven’t had to use the administration portal in months, I can quickly log in and get to what I need. You do not have to be an Exchange or iOS engineer to use CiraSync in many powerful ways.

Wendy S.

Director of Business Services, The Arc of Schuyler

Corporate syncing of Exchange Server contents to our users iPhone and iPad devices for calendar and contacts. It has saved a lot of hassle to manage what should be an easy solution for Microsoft, but they don’t handle it at all.

James H.

Information Technology and Services

Customers love CiraSync!

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