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for Calendar, Fall 2021

Microsoft 365 does not automatically sync shared calendars one-way to business smartphones.

Fixing the missing sync is not simple or easy

Manual workarounds for syncing shared calendars to smartphones are error prone and time consuming. 

Loss of productivity and revenue for business users

Shared calendars can be accessed in Outlook but employees need access on smartphones. Without immediate access to current shared calendars on smartphones, employees can miss critical meetings, schedule changes, and emergencies.

An Automated Calendar Sync Solution is Vital for Employee Productivity.

The secure CiraSync SaaS platform provides centralized administration with single sign on, granular control, and best-in-class support. No software to install, no client configuration, and no need for user training. It just works.

sync shared calendars


Employees instantly have shared calendars on their smartphones.

sync shared calendars


Sync shared calendars to every company smartphone.

sync shared calendars

REDUCE clutter

Provide shared calendars specifically to employees who need them.

sync shared calendars

Flexible targeting

      Leverage existing distribution groups for targeted updates.
sync shared calendars

incremental updates

Minimize cellphone data costs by syncing only changed calendars.

sync shared calendars

extra insurance

Rest easy knowing calendar data is secure and backed up.

Learn More About the CiraSync Solution

CiraSync Personal Edition (PE) is a free and secure SaaS platform to automatically sync Microsoft 365 Global Address Lists, shared calendars, or Public Folders to business smartphones. This limited-capability version of the CiraSync platform syncs one contact list or calendar once per week, has a 1,000-item limit, and is intended for no more than 10 users at an organization. Learn more about CiraSync PE in this Solution Brief.
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CiraSync Enterprise Edition (EE) is a secure SaaS platform offering full functionality including centralized management for an entire Microsoft 365 tenant with Roles-Based Administration. The solution syncs multiple contact lists and shared calendars to an unlimited number of business smartphones with a sync frequency of multiple times per day. Learn more about CiraSync EE in this Solution Brief.
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Benefits of Automated Calendar Sync Speak for Themselves

Case studies and use cases on how organizations are transforming employee communications, managing schedules, and resources with automatically synced shared calendars with CiraSync.   


New York Educators Organized with Updated Shared Calendars

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The Arc of Schuyler Solves Decision-Making Delays with Current Calendars

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Four Ways to Leverage Calendar Sync on Smartphones

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How to Sync Shared Calendars

This is a short explanatory video showing a step-by-step example of how to sync shared calendars when using CiraSync.

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More than 12,500 companies with over 200,000 users rely on CiraSync every day.

Customers love Automated Shared Calendar Sync!

It solves a very pressing issue / task for us and our customers, to replicate data into different mailboxes and calendars in Microsoft 365. Additionally, after having configured the tenant properly, it is working just flawlessly, it is a highly reliable solution!

Simon B.

Managing Director, be-solutions GmbH

In my experience of using CiraSync for 9 months, I have yet to experience anything I dislike. It accomplishes everything that we need to sync our contacts and calendars.

Dylan G.

Help Desk Supervisor, IT Landes

Corporate syncing of Exchange Server contents to our users iPhone and iPad devices for calendar and contacts. It has saved a lot of hassle to manage what should be an easy solution for Microsoft, but they don’t handle it at all.

James H.

Consultant, Industri

Customers love CiraSync!

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