Let Your Rainmakers Create a Sales Storm

Sync CRM Contacts Automatically to Microsoft Office 365 and Business Smartphones.

Business users cannot access CRM contacts automatically on smartphones.

CRM licenses are expensive; however, not everyone needs full access to the CRM application

Most employees only need access to CRM contacts. For a fraction of the cost of a CRM license, CiraSync can automatically sync contacts to dozens of employees.

Manual syncing of CRM contacts simply doesn’t work

Manual exports, uploads, and distribution of contacts are laborious and error-prone. And, need to be done each time a CRM contact is added or updated, or when a new employee joins the company.

Salesforce contacts don’t sync to iPhones natively

Salesforce does not intend to develop native sync integration with iPhones: CiraSync provides an automatic sync of Salesforce contacts.

Loss of revenue for businesses

Without up-to-date CRM contacts on business smartphones, employees compromise productivity, negatively impact sales revenue, and degrade customer success. 

Your Smartphone is Where Your Company’s Revenue is Generated.

With CiraSync—a secure SaaS platform—ensure every customer, lead, and prospect is reachable via business smartphones.
CiraSync provides centralized administration with single sign-on, granular control, and best-in-class support. No software to install, no client configuration, and no need for user training. It just works.

Supercharge Your CRM

Amplify the value of CRM contacts tenfold by having always-up-to-date contacts in smartphones.

170+ CRMs Supported

Leverage the PieSync connector to sync business smartphones to HubSpot,  Mailchimp, & 170 other apps.

Always Synced

Make certain that every customer, lead, and prospect is reachable and identifiable.

Instant Onboarding

New employees immediately have CRM contacts on their smartphones.

CiraSync Native Sync for Salesforce

Sync Salesforce data in minutes to smartphones. CiraSync accesses the Salesforce API, copies contacts from the cloud, and then distributes the updated and current contacts to an unlimited number of smartphones.

170+ CRMs with CiraSync and PieSync Connector

PieSync (a Cira Apps Ltd partner) connects to more than 170+ cloud apps. CiraSync works in tandem with PieSync to automatically sync CRM contacts to those 170+ cloud apps. Contact us to learn more.


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Watch the video

How to sync Salesforce CRM contacts

This is a short explanatory video showing a step-by-step example of how to sync CRM contacts when using CiraSync.

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