Bridging the Gap between Salesforce and Mac OS X Users

When a software company claims they’re number one in their field, 99 out of 100 times its total BS. When Salesforce claims that they’re the number one CRM product in the world…well, let’s just say they’re the exception. Being the most powerful and comprehensive CRM platform on the market, Salesforce clearly has their bases covered. However, with so many businesses and millions of users, inevitably there are some holes.

What exactly is the issue?

There are integration issues for business users looking to sync their Salesforce through Outlook, particularly for machines that don’t run a Windows operating system. If your email runs on Microsoft Exchange Server and you don’t have a Windows desktop, there isn’t a straightforward way to sync Salesforce contacts so that they are always available on your smartphone.

Salesforce provides an add-on to solve this problem. However, it has a drawback—it doesn’t work with Mac OSX. From a Mac, you can still use a web browser to access your contacts. However, if you want contact sync with Outlook, the solution comes up short.

What’s more, this isn’t news to the people at Salesforce. They have acknowledged the problem but have not announced plans to address this issue.

What are Mac business users supposed to do?

After many users expressed their frustration over this issue, we took it upon ourselves to develop a solution. For Office 365 users, CiraSync takes just a few minutes to deploy. For businesses running on-premise Exchange, they can use the itrezzo Unified Contact Manager.

Both CiraSync and itrezzo do more than give Apple users access to Salesforce contacts. They create a way for Salesforce contacts to be shared from one account to hundreds of users. This has the potential to leverage Saleforce CRM data much more effectively throughout the enterprise.

CiraSync, a secure, SaaS platform syncs Salesforce contacts to Macs and business smartphones.

You could use other third-party solutions but keep in mind that most must be configured and installed for each business user. They almost always require upkeep and micromanagement. The secure, CiraSync SaaS platform enables a single group administrator to automate the distribution and updating of contacts to an unlimited number of business users. The benefit is that your entire sales force, accounting, and support teams can take advantage of the Salesforce contact data both on their Macs and business smartphones.

How the CiraSync solution works:

The platform accesses the Salesforce API, copies contacts from the cloud, and then distributes the updated and currents contacts though Microsoft Office 365 to an unlimited number of business users. Best of all there’s no desktop, smartphone, or server software—it’s all in the cloud.

The CiraSync solution is the most straight forward and hassle-free solution available on the market. Test the CiraSync free Personal Edition to see it is the right solution for your company. It takes about 2 mins to get Salesforce contacts synced to your Mac or smartphone. (No credit card or contract required.)

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