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If you use a CRM solution or any app that deals with contacts, there is a capability that will make every person in your company more productive while providing even better service to your customers.

Let’s look at the scenario of a company that uses Office 365 and HubSpot CRM. The company wants every employee to effortlessly reach a customer, especially when their own employees are out of the office.

For example, when a customer calls to purchase or ask for assistance, the customer name and company should instantly appear on inbound calls. If your sales person is on the road, it’s essential that all customers and prospecting contacts be in their smartphone address book. With an empty address book, inbound phone calls, voicemail and SMS messages all appear as anonymous phone numbers.

They can achieve the required solution if they sync HubSpot to every Office 365 mailbox, automatically syncing the same contacts to every smartphone. This is where PieSync comes in.

Let’s start with a practical example, Alfalfa Elevator Company (hopefully not the name of an actual company) has about 100 users in Office 365.

With very little effort and a slick interface, the Alfalfa sales VP personally sets up the HubSpot connector using Piesync for his team.


After defining the PieSync connectors, the next step is to configure sync rules:

After starting PieSync, HubSpot contacts will appear in the Sales VP’s mailbox.

See the rest of this post to learn how Alfalfa Elevator Company was able to further enhance PieSync to economically bring HubSpot contacts to the rest of the company.

Sync Parameters

Alfalfa has 4500 contacts in their HubSpot CRM. The list includes customers, construction companies, resellers and contacts in state and local government agencies.

Five sales people sell elevators and related contract services. These sales people are highly mobile and each of them wants to be able to view and edit HubSpot contacts directly from their iPhone or Android.

With the PieSync to Office 365 connection, the sales team quickly achieves a full two-way sync. This is about $300/month for all five users but it’s practically a rounding error when you analyze the tens of millions of dollars of revenue that the sales team brings home.

The PieSync two-way contact sync from HubSpot to Office 365 Outlook contacts is quickly a homerun.

Within days, the field service manager and the customer service team learn that sales team has access to every customer directly from Outlook and their smartphones. They want the same thing.

The field service team represents 85 highly mobile users and the customer service team is about 15 users.

These departments don’t have quite the same budget as the VP of Sales. Furthermore, they should be consumers of the HubSpot CRM data as the sales team doesn’t want them making any changes.

Coincidentally, Alfalfa was already using a GAL Synchronization solution from CiraSync for about 110 users.

The Alfalfa IT team was able to setup a one way sync for the remaining 100 users. A sync tunnel from the Sales Managers mailbox was targeted to both the Field Service GAL group and the Customer Service GAL group.

To give an example using the CiraSync dashboard, the source is a contacts folder in an Office 365 mailbox. Specifically, this is a contacts folder that is populated and automatically kept up to date by PieSync.

In CiraSync terminology, this is a Shared Mailbox (even though it belongs to a person – the Sales VP)

After selecting the Sales VP mailbox, the HubSpot All Contacts folder is selected.

Sync Office 365 Mailbox contacts to iPhone and Android

Next, we choose the target groups from the GAL: DL Customer Service and DL Field Service

Chosse the GAL Distribuition Groups to receive the HubSpot Contacts

That’s everything! In a few minutes, about 100 more users get a one-way sync of HubSpot contacts to their mailbox. Any changes they made will be ignored and will not affect the master copy in HubSpot.

Note, we want to exclude the entire Sales team from this configuration as they are already getting the contacts with a two way sync directly from PieSync.

After the sync is complete, CiraSync will check several times per day for changes in the HubSpot Contact folder (in the Sales VP mailbox).

If you do need to troubleshoot anything, here is the order to check things:

  1. Open up the HubSpot CRM app and carefully any contacts that a smartphone users may have asked you about.
  2. If it’s correct in the source, look at the folder that PieSync is targeting on Office 365. In the above example, that would have been the HubSpot folder in the Sales VP’s mailbox. Use Outlook Desktop or Outlook Web Access to do this.
  3. The next step is to look at the CiraSync cache representing this sync tunnel. Are the contacts correct when viewed through the CiraSync dashboard?
  4. If the cache looks ok, you should use Outlook desktop to open a users mailbox and view the contacts there.
  5. If the contacts look ok in Outlook desktop but still not correct on the phone, you probably have a smartphone sync issue. Try toggling contact sync on the phone.

For steps 1 and 2, it might be best to check with the PieSync support team. For steps 3 through 5 you will want to contact the CiraSync Support Team.