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With CiraSync Enterprise Edition, sync an unlimited number of contacts, calendars, and Public Folders multiple times a day for an unlimited number of smartphone business users. Follow this guide to learn how to get started with CiraSync Enterprise Edition!


Before You Start

Below are CiraSync Enterprise Edition prerequisites. Please follow in the order they are listed before upgrading to CiraSync Enterprise Edition:

  1. Set up a dedicated service account:
    1. Create a Dedicated Service Account for CiraSync. The service account does not require a CiraSync license.
    2. Grant the Application Impersonation role to the dedicated service account.
  2. To sync Public Folders:
    1. Assign the Dedicated Service Account a Microsoft Exchange license (i.e. Exchange Kiosk or Exchange Online F1/Plan 1).
    2. Give the account the Reviewer permissions in the Public Folders.



Upgrading from CiraSync Personal Edition

  1. Log in to CiraSync Personal Edition dashboard.
  2. Click UPGRADE TO ENTERPRISE EDITION at the bottom-right corner of the dashboard. (See figure below.)
  3. Sign in using the Global Administrator Account/Dedicated Service Account you set up in the Before You Start section above.
  4. Click Accept to grant the additional consent required to use CiraSync Enterprise Edition. 
    NOTE: Do not check the Consent on behalf of your organization box. 

Customizing the Sync Schedule

  1. Click the slider next to Stream changes from Public Folders and User Mailboxes to set the update frequency to every 30–40 minutes.
  2. Click EDIT in the Schedule pane to open the Schedule Configuration window.
  3. Choose the time and frequency of the scheduled sync task to further customize the sync schedule. (See figure below.)
  4. Click SAVE.

Setting up Auto-Licensing for Users

  1. Click the + in the Contact Collections pane to create a Contact Collection.
  2. Add users you want to license to this collection.
    NOTE: Click All Mailbox to add every user in your tenant. You can also create a Contact Collection from an Office 365 Dynamic Distribution Group. Check out how to do that here.
  3. Click SAVE. 
  4. Return to the CiraSync home dashboard.
  5. Click EDIT under the Auto-License pane to open the Auto-License Users window.
  6. Click COLLECTIONS and add the Contact Collection created previously to the Auto-License Users window.
  7. Click SAVE. (See figure below.)
  8. Click the Enabled slider under the Auto-License pane.
  9. Click RUN in the Auto-License pane. Now, every user in your Contact Collection will automatically have a license to CiraSync without having to manually assign it.
    NOTE: When assigning a license to a new user, simply edit the Contact Collection from the Contact Collections pane and click RUN in the Auto-License pane.