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This guide describes how to upgrade to the CiraSync Enterprise Edition. With the CiraSync Enterprise Edition, you can sync unlimited contacts, calendars, and Public Folders multiple times per day for an unlimited number of smartphone users. For more details, please check out the CiraSync Enterprise Edition FAQ.



  1. Set up a dedicated service account and grant an application impersonation role:
    • Use a Global Administrator account of your Office 365 tenant to sign-up for Enterprise Edition. We recommend that users create a new dedicated service account.
    • Grant the account the Application Impersonation role.
    • For Public Folders, mail-enable the account and license it for Office 365. The account must also be granted permission access no higher than Reviewer to the Public Folder and its subfolders.
    • The dedicated service account does not need to have a CiraSync license.
  2. Log in to CiraSync Personal Edition.
  3. Click the UPGRADE TO ENTERPRISE EDITION button at the bottom-right corner of the dashboard.
  4. Sign in using an Office 365 Global Administrator account.
  5. Click Accept to grant additional consent required for CiraSync Enterprise Edition.

Congratulations, you have successfully upgraded to CiraSync Enterprise Edition! After successfully upgrading, you will see the CiraSync Enterprise dashboard with 100 user licenses for a free one-month trial. (You do not need to sign a contract or provide credit card information.) The Cira Apps Ltd Customer Success Team will send you an email reminder to purchase the solution before your free trial expires. You can also purchase the Enterprise Edition at any time during the free trial.

Continue with the following steps to sync the GAL to business smartphones.   


Next Steps

  1. Sync the Global Address List to Smartphones Using Collections.
  2. Auto-license the smartphone users.
  3. Schedule a sync task to run once per day.
  4. Sync Public Folder Contacts to Outlook and Smartphones.
  5. Set up one or more of the following to sync to the Smartphone Users collections:
    • Sync contacts from the GAL or specific groups.
    • Sync contacts from a Public folder.
    • Sync contacts from a shared or user mailbox.
    • Sync a Calendar.
    • Sync Memo (Sticky) Notes.
    • Sync Salesforce contacts.


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