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Enterprise Edition

Get CiraSync Enterprise Edition

Sync your Office 365 GAL, Calendars, and Public Folder contents to your smartphone in less than two minutes.
180-day, 10-user Free Trial (no credit card/contract).

Follow 3 steps:

NSet up App Impersonation

A Global Admin is required to grant consent to each tenant, and you will need to set up App Impersonation ahead of time. Steps detailed here.

NEnter your Office 365 email address

You will be redirected to the Office 365 login page. When prompted, give CiraSync Contact Management consent to allow syncing.

NConfigure & Sync

Configure your sync processes on the dashboard. Detailed instructions are available in the following guide: CiraSync Enterprise Edition QuickStart Guide.

CiraSync supports work accounts located on Office 365. Questions, concerns? Feel free to Contact Us.

“Easy to use and seamless!”

CiraSync does an amazing job with their dashboard, the analytics, license renewal and license number, all critical information, is all on the front page!

Dillon E.

Senior Network Administrator