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Today, CiraSync has surpassed 1,000 enterprise customers in just 3 years, while syncing business contacts and calendars for over 130,000+ smartphone users.

San Jose’s Cira Apps Ltd. surpassed 1,000 enterprise customers last week, an impressive feat for any B2B SaaS platform. Their app, CiraSync, shares Microsoft Office 365 contacts and calendars to business smartphones instantly.

This success didn’t come easily, as Vern Weitzman, CEO and Founder of Cira Apps Ltd. explains in this article, How I got my head out of my Saas and into Azure Cloud.

“Our new cloud-based process allowed us to acquire 30 paid clients in a month, versus 30 clients in 3 years for a pre-cloud offering,” Weitzman says, “We removed friction for on-boarding, the #1 barrier for SaaS solutions in converting a web visitor into a customer.”

The CiraSync platform does not require end-user training or software installation, and the client’s entire Office 365 Global Address Lists, shared calendars, Public Folders, and CRM contacts are integrated within minutes to smartphones.

“As a result of the lessons learned in our first 3 years, we have developed solutions that Microsoft Office 365 users are actively hunting,” Weitzman continues. “Amazing things happen when you provide customers with instant, frictionless solutions.”

Reaching over 1,000 enterprise customers since April of 2016 shows that business users see value from the Cira Apps Ltd. cloud-based SaaS solution.