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Eight-time Microsoft MVP Steve Goodman recently reviewed CiraSync for TechGenix and gave the software platform 5 stars!

CiraSync—flagship product of Cira Aps Ltd.—is a SaaS platform for syncing shared contacts and calendars to business smartphones to increase mobility, productivity, and revenue for businesses.

Key Findings

  • “CiraSync is a very functional product and built for the modern world of Office 365.”
  • The software is “a Swiss-Army knife for getting information that the organization (or IT) controls into people’s mailboxes.”
  • “The user interface is refreshingly attractive and clear. It is not a difficult application to get to grips with despite its extensive functionality.”

Use Cases for CiraSync

Here are some of the use cases that Goodman highlighted:

  • The core use case for CiraSync is to ensure that people have relevant contacts added to their address book. CiraSync can also sync to other object types, like calendars. This gives an organization the ability to sync a variety of organization-wide information to people without giving them access to the data sources.
  • Contact and calendar management of a whole organization can be easily achieved with Contact Collections, a feature which also allows IT admins to easily delegate CiraSync dashboard permissions.
  • CiraSync also has incentives for large organizations with a large client base with its native connector to CRM applications like Salesforce and Bullhorn.

User Interface

CiraSync was built with user experience in mind. All its core features are laid out on the initial dashboard. This provides ease of access to the entirety of CiraSync functionality for IT admins with little to no time to constantly manage and maintain their contact and calendar sync solution.

Steve Goodman’s Conclusion

“I really like CiraSync—far more than I expected to. It feels modern and works very well. I would absolutely recommend looking at the product to understand whether it meets your needs—or after giving it a try, whether it opens the door to some unusual use-cases you hadn’t considered,” Goodman concludes.
View Steve Goodman’s detailed review of CiraSync Enterprise Edition in PDF format.

About Steve Goodman

Steve Goodman is an eight-time winner of Microsoft’s MVP Award and lives and breathes Office 365. As CTO and principal strategist of IT service Content and Code, he works closely with Microsoft clients to implement O365 as their main enterprise application. Goodman is also the Editor in Chief of the leading independent O365 resource practical365.com, author of several books about Office 365 and Exchange, and co-host of the informative podcast “All about 365 with Jay and Steve.”

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