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WASHINGTON July 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/—When Microsoft launched Office 365, it signaled a revolutionary change in how businesses would handle messaging and collaboration. Office 365’s 100 million active users have easy access to shared company contacts and calendars on their personal computers, within Outlook. It’s simple and widely used. However, when those same users connect their iPhones or Android phones to Office 365, they encounter a surprise: the sync capability they expect to find is missing. Shared contacts and calendars do not sync from Office 365 to smartphones.

CiraSync Delivers the Missing Sync to Smartphones

Accessing the Global Address List, Public Folders, and shared calendars from smartphones is an almost universal need. CiraSync is a one-step SaaS solution which provides this missing sync and establishes an automated bridge from Office 365 Outlook to smartphones. CiraSync has become indispensable for businesses worldwide, reaching a record number of tenants in just 12 months. Thousands of companies now sync contacts and calendars via CiraSync every day, automatically.

“Using the Azure Consent Model, our solution can be deployed in under a minute,” explains Vern Weitzman, CTO of Cira Apps Limited. This near-instant deployment is also made possible by tight integration with Office 365 and hosting on Azure.

Resellers, Consultants, and Managed Service Providers Deploy CiraSync to Meet the Sync Needs of Their Customers

Increasingly, a wide range of VARs, MSPs, and IT integrators are providing CiraSync to their customer bases. To enable these varied IT providers to centrally manage all of their customers’ sync requirements, Cira Apps is formally launching the CiraSync Partner Portal on July 13, 2017.

CiraSync: New Technology, Long Track Record Solving Sync Problems

CiraSync was developed by the same team which created itrezzo Unified Contact Management, the on-premises contact sync and management solution for Exchange Servers. Both itrezzo and CiraSync are exhibiting at the Microsoft Inspire Partner Conference in Washington D.C. from July 9 through July 14, 2017.

About Cira Apps Ltd.

Cira Apps Limited provides the SaaS-based CiraSync contact management solution for businesses that run on Office 365. CiraSync Enterprise Edition allows centralized administration of contacts for thousands of mailboxes. CiraSync updates GAL, Public Folder, and CRM contacts for any size of organization. CiraSync Personal Edition syncs the GAL and public folder contacts to a single user and is completely free. This enables an IT director or administrator to deploy CiraSync in less than a minute and—with no cost or formalities—experience and evaluate the benefits of automated contact sync to Office 365 smartphone users.

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