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Sometimes success comes from planning. Sometimes it’s a fluke. Always keep experimenting.

October 21st, 2019.

Our CTO and Founder, Vernon Weitzman, sat down recently with ideamensch to give a detailed breakdown on his history within the software field, his thoughts regarding the future of the tech industry, trends within Silicon Valley, and personal hopes and goals for the future.

One of the exciting things about the ideamensch process is that their interviews are uniquely tailored and personal. A typical tech interview tends to focus on company successes, failures, product launches, etc; however, ideamensch does it differently. These interviews focus on the people behind the company; how their thoughts and experiences shaped the decisions they made. In this ever bustling tech world, it is easy to forget there are real people behind the products we use every day. They are people with lessons and insight that we may have never considered ourselves.

A great example of this can be found in the following excerpt from Vernon’s interview:

How do you bring ideas to life?

Some of them take months or years. The first thing I do is I start typing on my phone or desktop. I have this imaginary piece of software: how would it behave? What would it do? What are all the cases it handles?

I try to make different distinctions in different categories. Then, I try to drill in on everything I can do with the product. I work on the document . . . then I come back to it in a few days. If it still makes any sense, I’ll try to build it into more formal design requirements. I start working with the software team to get some type of functional design, which usually starts with screen mockups, since the user experience is so important. Hopefully, I come up with a minimal viable product, get something into beta and start getting users on it. From there, you just keep whacking moles until there are no more moles to whack. Finally, you get to production and hopefully can get people to pay for it.

There’s much, much more within the article, showcasing a unique glimpse into what the life and day-to-day of a tech founder and CTO is really like.

If you’re interested in learning more about Vernon, and Cira Apps as a whole, you can read the whole article, here.