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If you haven’t heard, your phone is listening to you.

Both Google and Apple were using data collection and recording well before the average user was aware. This was particularly evident for Apple who hired contract workers to listen in and record user conversations with Siri. The result—many headlines, angry users, and a general PR nightmare for Apple.

With Google and Apple quickly changing their privacy policy to allow users to opt-in-and out of their analytics service, but also allowing users the control to decide where their data goes, it begs the question whether Amazon will also follow suit.

Check out the full story on Industry Tech Outlook to learn what the Cira Apps Founder and CTO Vern Weitzman has to say about Amazon Alexa and his predictions for the future of data collection in the tech industry!

Thanks to Industry Tech Outlook for sharing Vern’s insights! If there are any reporters out there looking for an expert who can talk about productivity, new ideas, and innovations in technology, just reach out to [email protected] to be connected to Vern.