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Executive Summary

Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air has been in business since 1908 and has seen many changes unfold within the service and technology fields. The company has an expansive workforce that services large commercial construction projects as well as residential homes. Dixie Electric’s remote service technicians work from Montgomery, Alabama, all the way to the Missouri and Georgia borders. They needed to find a way to keep their field workers updated with their contacts automatically with little to no involvement from their IT department.


Dixie Electric uses Microsoft Office 365 for their company needs. They found that it worked well but fell short when it came to syncing contacts to business smartphones. Each time there was a new contact or employee change to their contact list, the Dixie Electric IT department had to print a contact list and give a piece of paper to new employees so that they could manually add or update their contacts on their business phones. We don’t want anyone, not just IT to have to be involved in the updating of contact numbers.

Director of IT at Dixie Electric, Amy Leigh Baker found this to be a nuisance for everyone involved plus an inefficient way to handle updating contacts for their employees that work in the field; not to mention the additional people that work in other departments. She sought a better way to handle this laborious task.

“CiraSync just works the way it’s supposed to work; our contacts are automatically updated and synced for our remote workers and we never have to worry about it.”

Amy Leigh Baker, Director of IT

The Hard Way VS CiraSync Way


Ms. Baker attempted to resolve these challenges by searching Microsoft Support forums. However, after finding out that Microsoft had no solution to sync shared contacts and calendars to smartphones, Baker took to Google to see if anyone else was having this issue with syncing contacts. She found that she was not alone and that this challenge was easily solved with the CiraSync GAL Sync solution. She read all the online reviews on G2 and Capterra, visited the CiraSync website, and read case studies of others in her industry. The very same day that she began her research, she signed Dixie Electric up for the service.

“My experience getting started with CiraSync was a breeze. We were up and running the same day I signed up. All of our contacts are seamlessly synced,” said Baker. “I’m so happy to have ditched the paper contact lists and made our employees’ lives a bit easier.” She continued.

Dixie Electric plans on keeping CiraSync and would recommend it to any company that is currently manually updating contacts.

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