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Executive Summary

CadreNET—a premier MSP—has been proudly been serving New York and New Jersey businesses since 2004. Their clients cover a wide range of industries with employees based in locations ranging from 5 to 400. CadreNET provides IT services through their help desk, via talented engineers working onsite side-by-side with client IT teams, and, in some cases, they are the complete outsourced IT support for the client.

CadreNET had an immediate need to find a solution for one of their clients to automatically sync their Microsoft 365 Global Address List (GAL) and their emails to employee smartphones.


The CadreNET client, PECO Pallet, delivers high-quality rental block pallets and quality wood pallets that are used to ship products to retailers and distributors throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. PECO Pallet is based in Irvington, New York, and maintains over 1,600 pallet depots and service centers in North America.

With business in three countries, it was critical for PECO Pallet staff (250 employees) to have access to the latest and most accurate Microsoft 365 GAL and email addresses on their smartphones. As the client was going through the migration to Microsoft 365, CadreNET quickly realized automated GAL sync was not supported by Microsoft.

“As we were helping PECO Pallet migrate to Microsoft 365, we needed to find them the most cost-effective way to automatically sync their company GAL to business smartphones. The CiraSync solution was the best choice to get them up and running.”

Richard Trivedi, IT Director, CadreNET

The Hard Way VS CiraSync Way


Richard Trivedi, IT Director with over 25 years of experience at CadreNET, learned that his client was using an ineffective and overpriced syncing solution in the past. Now that they were going through the Microsoft 365 migration, it was time to make the switch to a more effective and less expensive GAL sync solution for their enterprise contacts and email addresses. Mr. Trivedi found CiraSync via a Google search and saw all the fantastic customer reviews online. He decided to test the CiraSync GAL solution internally first and then roll it out to his client if his own stringent vetting process was successful.

“Right away, CiraSync did exactly what I wanted it to do. It was so nice to find an easy and affordable solution and we no longer have to do manual workarounds for syncing contacts, calendars, and notes to business smartphones,” said Mr. Trivedi.

As CadreNET continues to migrate other clients to Microsoft 365, they plan on taking the secure CiraSync SaaS platform with them.

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