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Executive Summary

Moderntech Consulting provides their clients with the most advanced tools to inspire creativity and productivity in the modern workplace. This IT consulting firm works primarily with construction clients all over Denmark. The employees of their clients work in and out of the office and all around the country. They access to updated calendars and contacts on their smartphones at all times. In the new digital workplace, the need for collaboration happens anywhere and everywhere.

Moderntech Consulting Founder and CEO, Johannes Pham was already using the CiraSync solution at another company he manages. After starting Moderntech Consulting, he jumped at the chance to add one of his favorite technologies to the Microsoft 365 toolkit his company offers their clients.

Moderntech Consulting is an essential partner to the construction world with one foot in the business side and the other in the technology and IT side. They’ve become the premiere trusted partner who has proven to transform a business and to make full use of the opportunities of digitization, thereby creating business value. CiraSync’s affordability, ease of onboarding, and extensive list of features ensures Moderntech’s portfolio has an instant value add for their clients.


Moderntech Consulting was looking for secure, cloud-based solutions which were affordable and would provide great business and productivity gains for their clients with employees working in the office and remotely on construction sites. They needed to solve a problem that Microsoft has yet to solve; syncing Global Address Lists to smartphones. In addition to the GAL sync problem, syncing company calendars and public folders is often a pain point for clients who house information in public folders accessible via Outlook.

“My clients and colleagues have had this syncing challenge for a very long time and with new employees coming in and client businesses growing, we found CiraSync to be the best partner to solve our Microsoft Microsoft 365 syncing needs across many industries”

Johannes Pham, Founder & CEO, Moderntech Consulting

automated GAL calendar public folder SaaS for Microsoft Office 365 Toolkit

The Solution: CiraSync Added to the Microsoft 365 Toolkit Offered to Customers

As experienced business and IT managers, Moderntech Consulting wanted to ensure their clients knew who was calling and needed to guarantee all employees could look up important contacts and access updated calendars on their smartphones anywhere, anytime.

After vetting multiple solutions, they chose CiraSync as their third-party vendor. CiraSync is an instant value add for Moderntech; the ability to rapidly deploy and onboard this solution to every new client has helped drastically increase the appeal of their portfolio. Moderntech recommends CiraSync for any IT consulting company that has similar needs.

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