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Executive Summary

New York-based MSP — axe creatives — has sought an automated contact and calendar syncing solution for their diverse client base that uses Microsoft 365. The firm chose the CiraSync SaaS platform to instantly and automatically sync Microsoft 365 Global Address Lists (GAL), Public Folder contacts, and shared calendars from Exchange servers to business smartphones.


With a very diverse client list that includes accounting firms, transport companies, dental practices, and more, axe creatives has rarely seen the same challenge twice. However, one challenge they do see repeatedly for clients who use Microsoft 365: the need to automatically sync Global Address List contacts and shared calendars to business smartphones.

“Choosing CiraSync was a perfect fit for us. It’s the easiest, most useful, and inexpensive solution we’ve seen to automatically sync GALs and shared calendars to smartphones for our Microsoft 365 users.”

Mr. Eric Imundo, Solution Architect, axe creatives

The Hard Way VS CiraSync Way


Moving more to cloud-based solutions, axe creatives sought to find a contact and calendar syncing solution that was both compatible for their Microsoft 365 clients and cloud based. After reading reviews, they chose CiraSync. “We wanted to try CiraSync internally before rolling it out to any of clients. We wanted to make sure it was as easy as it looked and delivered on what it promised,” said Mr. Eric Imundo, Solution Architect, axe creatives. “The solution delivered exactly what it said it would and we are very pleased at how easy it is to get it up and running,” Mr. Imundo continued.

In fact, the solution was so easy to setup and get started that Mr. Imundo didn’t need help from the CiraSync Customer Success Team. He did, however, reach out to the support team with a question and was again pleasantly surprised by how fast the support team responded and directly answered his question with one email reply.

“There are other delightful surprises with CiraSync, not only is the support team smart and responsive, the CiraSync partner portal is great too. I really like how we can impersonate users. The portal has a clean and easy to understand interface,” said Mr. Imundo.

The IT professionals at axe creatives operate in a mode of constant learning and researching the latest and best productivity tools and software they can offer their client base. They plan on offering the CiraSync SaaS platform to all their customers who are looking to automate the syncing of the Microsoft 365 GAL, Public Folder contacts, and shared calendars to business smartphones to improve productivity.

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