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Executive Summary

TeamLogic IT is an award-winning national provider of advanced technology solutions for companies of all sizes they help companies minimize downtime and improve productivity. Their key client in Arlington, Virginia, is a 200-employee catering company providing corporate cafeteria management and large-scale event catering in upscale locations.

Delivering on high customer expectations meant that the catering company’s operations needed to be efficient and effective, and there needed to be frequent communication between drivers, event managers, and suppliers without delay. To facilitate the communication, the customer wanted to sync the central contact list to all business smartphones with an automated solution that would be up and running quickly, and not require user training.


The catering company’s high-stakes business involves handling upscale events with up to 14,000 participants. Complex time-critical schedules, many primary and backup suppliers, and a fleet of delivery trucks that supply multiple overlapping events make for business urgency. Communication between drivers, event managers, and suppliers is of paramount importance. “The company had a major pain point,” says Brian Schultz, System Engineer at Teamlogic IT. “Their team has 90-plus mobile users. I oversee all the smartphones. If a project manager couldn’t reach a truck driver, I’d hear about it.” Schultz investigated several alternatives and tried do-it-yourself methods for a solution to sync the customer’s central contact list to all smartphones but none of them were a desirable long-term solution.

Then Schultz found CiraSync. “It took about one minute to set up the trial. That, and the performance, convinced me,” he says. “This is the first product robust enough to just work and sync Public Folder contacts to smartphones seamlessly.”

The customer-approval process was easy. “When we saw the pricing for CiraSync, the customer’s COO jumped on it.”

“Our customer’s employees now have complete contact information in their iPhones all the time.”

Brian Schultz, System Engineer at Teamlogic IT

The Solution: CiraSync’s Immediate Deployment and Flawless Operation

Deployment was easier than expected. “I signed up the tenant – our client – with CiraSync and synced their public folder contacts to every smartphone user,” recounts Schultz. “It worked, and it keeps on working.”

TeamLogic IT experienced smooth sailing and flawless contact reachability since starting its customer on CiraSync in 2016. “Drivers call their sales consultants for instructions, onsite staff reach drivers and suppliers for rerouting or changes, and nobody has trouble with contacts.”

Schultz identifies three favorite features of CiraSync. “The ease-of-use is tops, setup is very quick, and we love the accuracy.”

“Our customer’s employees now have complete contact information in their iPhones all the time,” Schultz notes. “CiraSync is completely transparent to the users. I no longer have 10 people coming at me about contact problems. This really solved a major pain point for our customer.”

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