Hey there! As an individual, there’s a lot you can get out of CiraSync.


With CiraSync, we enable single users who are utilizing Microsoft 365 to sync their Calendars, Public Folder Content, and Contacts between outlook and their smartphones. Not on Microsoft 365? For Google, you can learn about syncing your contacts and calendars here.

Are you a Gmail user, or still unsure, but know you need to sync your contacts or calendars to your smartphone? Check out our other product, CiraHub. CiraHub allows individuals (or teams) on a whole host of platforms sync their data any which way. Learn more about CiraHub here.

Last, but not least if you’re an individual on Microsoft 365 who is interested in automatically syncing their contacts to their smartphone, give CiraSync personal edition a try! It’s always free and should cover all your needs. Learn more about it here.

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How Does CiraSync Work?

Not sure about or confused how CiraSync works? This video covers how CiraSync syncs the Microsoft 365 GAL to smartphones in less than a minute!

To learn how CiraSync handles user data, watch our Data Security video!

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