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When setting up your company to sync the GAL to Outlook Contacts and smartphones, it’s easy. Insert a USA 10 digit phone number in a phone field in the GAL and it syncs exactly as needed on both iPhone and Android. BUT, if you have employees overseas, they will be very frustrated if you don’t take a small amount of care about how you format and insert those numbers into the GAL

Follow these simple steps below to allow for users to automatically able to dial international contacts without inputting their country code.

This will require an administrator with access to the Global Address List. To begin, bring up a contact whose number you wish to change.

1. Do not place leading zeros in any number within the GAL.

iOS and Android have built-in features at the moment which automatically identify country codes, as such additional 0’s are no longer necessary.

Sync GAL Phone Numbers International Dial

How NOT to format and Sync GAL Phone Numbers

The number outlined above is NOT correct

2. Use the country code with no other additional numbers

For example. when adding a U.S number to the GAL, do not write “001-xxx-xxx” instead write: +1-xxx-xxxx. This same process is applied to other country codes, for example when dialing a user within the U.K add the prefix “+44” or within France add “+33”

The outlined number above IS how a properly formatted country code number should look.

3. Make sure you place a blank space after the country code and remove parentheses

A common mistake users make is to write a country code as follows: +1xxx-xxx-xxxx. Instead ensure there is a space after the “+1”. An example would be: +1 408-123-4567

With all these steps taken, any GAL contact synced through CiraSync will automatically dial the proper country when done through an outlook or android device.