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Big companies with very smart executive teams are doing something strange: often leaving piles of money on the table, because they’re not automatically syncing their contacts lists and calendars to smartphones.

That’s the take from Cira Apps Ltd. Founder and CTO Vern Weitzman.

“It seems strange to me that some are looking the other way when it comes to potentially saving thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for their company. Fortunately, more and more companies are paying attention—and boy, are they seeing the benefit.”

Seven thousand companies, with 125,000-plus active users already use Cira Apps’ flagship product CiraSync. It allows them to enjoy productivity gains and cost savings of contact and calendar automation.

CiraSync syncs and automatically updates shared contact lists and calendars across the organization’s smartphones, so from their very first day, employees have what they need to do their jobs.

Their smartphones get accurate and up-to-date information on customers, vendors, prospects, and co-workers. Important meetings and opportunities don’t slip under the radar. It sounds simple—but making this happen like magic for companies with an on-boarding that can take just minutes—saves huge money.

How much savings can these companies see in their operations? Weitzman lists a few real-life examples:

Tens of thousands of IT labor costs saved. IT labor costs range from a low of $50 to $300+ per hour, depending on the organization and the specialty.

Millions of dollars in savings spread across thousands of enterprise customers in 2018–2019.

  • A 6,000-consultant global management consulting company saved at least $100,000 in a single year, as their in-house technical team no longer had to waste time on contacts and calendar administration.

Beyond savings—big earnings from new business deals. “Time kills deals,” the old saying goes—and for financial services, private equity, and investment bankers that are cutting deals worth millions or billions—they just don’t have the time to deal editing contact lists.

For the companies that are involved, the back end needs to work like magic—and that’s what CiraSync does—helping them get the deals done.