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Executive Summary

U.S.-based IRI Consultants—a human resources consulting company—helps organizations navigate workplace challenges, improve employee engagement and productivity, manage labor relations, and implement effective communication strategies to achieve business and advocacy goals. Their consultants are present in 21 states in the U.S. and required to access accurate, up-to-date contact lists of customers, vendors, co-workers, calendars, and notes on business smartphones.


The company has consultants based in all nine time zones in the U.S. and was working through the challenges of retiring five separate servers, becoming a Mac-based company, and transitioning services to the cloud when they realized there was no automatic way to sync enterprise contacts, calendars, and notes to business smartphones. As the organization moved from collocated servers to the cloud, they realized that staff members could not access vital contact and calendar information from Outlook when they needed them the most.

“Our employees wanted to use enterprise Gmail with their MacBooks, but also wanted the Outlook experience. This presented a challenge for us since Gmail doesn’t have the business functionality that Microsoft has,” said James Hohenthaner, Sr. IT Director, IRI Consultants.

“CiraSync works seamlessly and has the lowest cost among the syncing solutions we found. It’s a win-win for my department, and our employees.”

James Hohenthaner, Sr. IT Director, IRI Consultants

The Hard Way VS CiraSync Way


The company started with an internal beta test of the secure, Azure-based CiraSync SaaS solution after using its sister solution itrezzo on their on-premise Exchange servers. They quickly learned how easy it was to keep Global Address List (GAL) contacts, calendars, and notes automatically and always synced to business smartphones.

Now, with the CiraSync solution, employees no longer waste time looking up contact information, they can quickly get to a contact for business calls, never miss a client meeting, and the IT department saves time and money by no longer needing to make manual updates. Hohenthaner concludes, “We are confident that we’ve chosen the best option with CiraSync to help us with syncing calendars, contacts, and notes.”

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