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Executive Summary

The Illinois State Treasurer’s Office is dedicated to protecting the state’s portfolio, ensuring the liquidity of all investments, and consistently producing earnings at or above industry standards. The department of IT has been working on a mission-critical effort to modernize their legacy Windows 2008 infrastructure to Microsoft 365 which supports better performance and security. They chose CiraSync for syncing contacts to the Microsoft 365 Global Address List.


The IT department was challenged to find the best-in-class solutions to optimize performance, security and ease of ongoing maintenance. This was crucial since the Treasurer’s Office actively manages approximately 30 billion dollars. Part of this optimization included a migration to Microsoft 365.

The department quickly learned that an important contact syncing feature was missing with Microsoft 365. They needed to decide to keep their on-premise server used to sync internal contact names and numbers or if they will continue to upgrade and use a cloud-based system instead. “We had no option to push updates when there were new contacts added or if we needed to delete them. We needed to find a better way,” said Dawid Pabian, Senior Network Analyst, Illinois State Treasurer’s Office.

“With CiraSync, there is no need to maintain tricky software. It was set up quickly and just worked perfectly from day one.”

Dawid Pabian, Senior Network Analyst, Illinois State Treasurer Office

The Hard Way VS CiraSync Way


According to Pabian, their team found the secure, cloud-based CiraSync platform to be everything you’d expect from a robust, enterprise-grade solution. The department finds the centralized administration, single sign-on, and control they have with it to be the best in-class solution for syncing contacts to the Microsoft 365 Global Address List. They plan to keep using CiraSync for the foreseeable future and have synced every smartphone with ease to date.

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