Technical FAQ

This  FAQ provides quick answers on syncing the Office 365 GAL, shared calendars, and Public Folders to business smartphones. For detailed instructions on how to implement the CiraSync SaaS platform, visit the Support Home Page.


I am looking to create a shareble central database of contacts that can also sync with mobile devices. Can CiraSync provide what I need?

CiraSync would be perfect for you! With the CiraSync Enterprise Edition central management dashboard, you can create contact lists, organize the lists by department and frequency of use, and allow your users to choose who gets which lists. CiraSync will then pull contacts from different sources from Office 365 (GAL, Public Folder, or shared mailboxes), and push them to user mailboxes. The sync will propagate to the smartphones via native exchange connector.

We have multiple separate domains with separate Microsoft Office 365 tenants. We want to sync our Global Address List across all domains. Can CiraSync do this?

Yes, it can. All the tenants need to use the CiraSync Enterprise Edition and establish a shared mailbox that will receive the contacts in each tenant. Once this is done, the Shared Mailboxes will be synced to the other tenants. 

We have customers who have iPhones and require shared contacts once they move to Microsoft Office 365: can CiraSync support this functionality?

Yes, CiraSync can sync Office 365 contacts to iPhones. Once your customers move to Office 365, CiraSync will sync contacts and calendars from the GAL, Public Folders, and shared mailboxes to Office 365 mailboxes and then propagate the sync to iPhones through the native exchange connector.

I have mailboxes on on-premise. Can CiraSync work with these Public Folders?

No, CiraSync only works for Office 365 mailboxes. We have a separate solution for on-premise mailboxes and Office 365 called itrezzo UCM. 

How do I terminate my CiraSync partnership?

Please do the following to terminate your CiraSync partnership:

  1. Click the account username at the top-right corner of the dashboard.
  2. Click SETTINGS. 
  3. Click Partnerships. 
  4. Click the TERMINATE button. 

Contact Management 

How can I create a scheduling job out of a Public Folder contact sync?

If the schedule is enabled, the sync from a Public Folder is done automatically several times a day. A streamer looks for updates multiple times per day and pushes any updates since the last pass on the next sync. Check the update history in the dashboard history pane.

Besides the GAL, can we create contacts to target a specific group of users?

Yes, with CiraSync Enterprise Edition, you can create multiple contact lists. For each contact list, you can define the source where CiraSync will pull the contacts from, and the target users who will receive the synced contacts in their mailbox and smartphones. This is done through the Contact Collections functionality.  

Use the Contact Collections functionality to define a subset of the GAL, so it can be used either as a source or a target inside the Contact ListIf you add the GAL (All Mailboxes or All Contacts) into the collection, you will be able to expand and exclude unwanted members. Once the collection is cleaned up, you can use this collection as a source or target in your contact list. 

Watch Use Collections to Sync the Global Address List to Smartphones to learn how to use CiraSync Contact Collection functionality!  

How can I add my cell phone contacts into the CiraSync database?

CiraSync is a one-way sync from the source to the user mailbox. The program is meant to sync contacts from Office 365 GAL, Public Folders, and Shared Mailboxes to the user desktop mailbox. From there, the smartphones will sync these contacts using the Native Exchange Connector or the Outlook App.   

Here is how you can use CiraSync to add cellphone contacts to the CiraSync database: 

  1. Create a Public Folder in CiraSync.  
  2. Set CiraSync push the contacts from the Public Folder to user mailboxes. 
  3. Install the CiraSync app 
  4. Give users access to the Public Folder on the CiraSync app. 
  5. Add contacts from smartphone into the CiraSync app. 
  6. Perform a sync.  
How do employees make changes/updates to the contacts?

All changes should be done in the Contact Source. CiraSync will then read these changes, update user mailboxes, and push these changes to users automatically. 

Is there a way to hide specific fields only for certain mail contacts on CiraSync?

CiraSync is coded to push the primary email by default. This cannot be changed. However, instead of adding external contacts to your AD, you can add these external contacts to a Public Folder or Shared Mailboxes. This would allow you to create contacts without providing an email address, and only the information you provide will populate.  

If I accidentally deleted a contact from my smartphone, will it also delete from the CiraSync contacts on my Outlook?

CiraSync is a one-way sync in terms that it will never write back to the source (GAL, Public Folder, etc). However, any changes users make to their phone contacts will propagate to their Outlooks / mailboxes. If changes are performed on CiraSync managed contacts, these changes are only temporary and will be overwritten on the next scheduled sync. So, if you delete a CiraSync contact from your smartphone, it will delete the contact on Outlook. However, in the next sync, these contacts will be restored.

My contacts appear on Outlook, but not on my Android device. What do I do?

You are probably syncing these contacts to a subfolder. Unfortunately, Androids do not interact with subfolders. Instead, you should sync these contacts to the default Android contacts folder. 

Is it possible to sync a different or another contact field? If yes, how can I do this?

Yes, you can sync contact fields besides the defaults by doing the following:

  1. Click the account username at the top-right corner of the CiraSync dashboard.
  2. Click SETTINGS. 
  3. Click Contact Fields.
  4. Find the contact field you would like to sync.
  5. Click the checkboxes under Write and Overwrite. 
  6. Click SAVE in the top-right corner of the dashboard.

Calendar Management

Is there a way to sync the Category Colors from the Public Folder calendar?

Category Colors is an Outlook function only. These can be synced and seen in the Outlook view of the Calendar App.

Does Calendar Sync consolidate events from multiple calendars into one for all Outlook users?

Yes, CiraSync can do this. You will have to perform multiple sync tasks. Each sync task needs to have a different source, but the same targets. Once these tasks have been performed, CiraSync will consolidate all these events into one calendar for all the members of your Office 365 tenant.

How do I receive meeting invitations as iCalendar attachments instead of Outlook Web App links?

To set these meeting invitations, you have to configure your Calendar settings on web view by doing the following:

  1. Log in to the Office 365 Portal.
  2. Open the Calendar.
  3. Click the gear on the top right corner. The settings pane will pull out.
  4. Click IPOP and IMAP under the Accounts tab in the Options pane on the left side of the screen.
  5. Click Send invitations in iCalendar format under POP Options.


How does CiraSync handle data security?

As a SaaS company, CiraSync integrates with Microsoft Azure using the Azure Consent Framework. If you are a subscriber, your data is kept within the Microsoft Cloud. Read SaaS Security: How We Keep Subscriber Data Safe and Secure and our Privacy Policy for more details on how we handle user data and keep it safe. 

I am not sure about granting Cira Apps Ltd access to my Global Admin account.

We understand the concerns around granting a third-party SaaS provider Global Admin access. There are two key API calls that CiraSync EE requires.  Microsoft does not allow the use of the APIs via the consent process unless a Global Administrator is used. Once you log on to the CiraSync dashboard using the service account and grant consent, you can then demote the service account a custom admin—service administrator. See How to lock down the Service Account for details. 

Our SaaS infrastructure requires access to contacts, calendar and notes. Since CiraSync uses the Azure consent model, no passwords are ever transmitted to CiraSync. A token is issued when an Office 365 global admin grants consent to CiraSync. It is not possible to use this token for any other application. Subscriber data is kept in the Microsoft Cloud. More details here: How We Handle Your Security

Is CiraSync HIPAA compliant?

CiraSync service does not handle any patient-related data, so there is no need for it to be HIPAA compliant. CiraSync only reads contacts and calendar events from the Office 365 source. We have many hospices and medical practices as customers who use CiraSync for this functionality.  

Will you sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with our company?

Yes, we will. Send us your HIPAA BAA for review, and we can complete it as needed. 


My contacts are not syncing to my phone. What do I do?

Check to make sure you are using your native mobile exchange connector on your phone. If you are using your native mobile exchange connector, please do the following: 

  1. Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts. 
  2. Check if your mobile exchange connector is enabled to sync your Office 365 mailbox.  
  3. If your connector is enabled, check if Star Global Address is listed and the group is selected under Phone Native Connector Application.  
  4. If your connector is not enabled, check if Contact Sync is enabled in your Office 365 account settings. 
  5. If Contacts Sync is enabled, try disabling and enabling Contact Sync for this account on your phone.   
I can’t create an account with the global admin role because all the global admins in my organization have multi-factor authentication. What do I do ?

In this caes, it is better to lock the service account policy to specific IP addressesIf you are in the EU, the following IP addresses are used in the EU Azure cloud: