Is there a way to remove or exclude specific contact fields of contacts synced by CiraSync?

It depends on the field you are trying to exclude. If you are trying to exclude the primary email field, then that isn’t possible. CiraSync is coded to push the primary email by default. This cannot be changed. However, instead of adding external contacts to your AD, you can add these external contacts to a Public Folder or Shared Mailboxes. This would allow you to create contacts without providing an email address, and only the information you provide will populate.

If you want to hide other fields, you can go into the Contact Fields settings and uncheck the Write box for the corresponding Contact Field that you wish to hide.

If you want to sync a specific field like Contact Notes, check out this FAQ.

Removing a Contact Field is a way to deal with unwanted merged or duplicate contacts. For more solutions to this issue, check out this FAQ.

Wondering why you can’t sync the Middle Initial or Name field? Normally, Exchange Online and Office 365 do not have a Middle Name/Initial Field. However, CiraSync has recently introduced a workaround for this. Check out our FAQ to learn How to Start Syncing the Middle Name/Initial Field.

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