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Remote working is the new norm for a number of reasons: it is hard to find great talent where your company is located, employees want to work remotely, and companies see “an astounding increase in productivity boost among telecommuters.” All of this is great news for businesses, but some key challenges remain, such as, interpersonal communication between employees, building a team spirit, and keeping everyone engaged and moving in the same direction.

There are, of course, many modes of communication available such as email, the telephone, meeting apps, and work collaboration applications, such as Asana, Trello, Flock, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. However, there is no guarantee any of your employees will constantly engage with these channels. Leadership needs to take an active role in communicating and engaging with remote employees and a recent Forbes article featured 13 strategies from tech leaders on how they keep their remote force engaged and productive.

Cira Apps Founder and CTO Vern Weitzman (member of the prestigious Forbes Tech Council) provided valuable insight on using automated contact and calendar synchronization solutions can improve communication and connectivity for remote employees:

“It’s a common problem for contacts, calendars and schedules to not automatically sync for every employee, even if you’re using some of the most popular software out there. Finding a solution to make that happen ideally without training, complicated installation or configuration would ensure your team is using the collaborative devices they should be.”

Read the rest of the story for more valuable tips and tools on how to work with remote employees!

Thanks to the Forbes Tech Council for including Vern’s insights! If there are any reporters out there looking for an expert who can talk about productivity, new ideas, and innovations in technology, reach out to [email protected] to be connected to Vern.

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