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Cira Apps recently announced they had signed an agreement to acquire the SaaS platform, SyncGene. SyncGene is a cloud service that automatically synchronizes Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks across platforms. The SyncGene acquisition enables Cira-Apps LTD to continue to expand their reach in the synchronization platform market and provide additional services for their current and future customers. SyncGene will continue to operate under its current name and will be an added service that Cira Apps will be offering to new and existing customers. 

What is SyncGene? 

SyncGene is a cloud service that synchronizes Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks cross-platform automatically. Users can share their Google, iCloud and Office 365 Contacts with others no matter what device they use. Changes made on any device are shared between connected accounts. It is an easy way to share family, colleagues or work group Contacts (customers, leads, etc.) between different devices. With SyncGene, you can also back up important contact information from many platforms and devices into one central location where you can access it from any device. SyncGene helps users save time and effort by removing the need to enter the same information on several different devices or services manually. This service acts as an intermediary between the most popular services and apps (Google, iCloud, Microsoft 365, Exchange) by allowing users to have their data (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks) synced and up to date.  

Why Use SyncGene? 

 SyncGene offers users a variety of different features and ways to synchronize information between different platforms and devices. Users can keep their documents, contacts, and calendars organized with this easy-to-use platform. Organizations can collaborate more efficiently and effectively by using SyncGene to generate shared libraries. It is also very affordable, making it ideal for small and large-scale users and even for personal use. With SyncGene you can synchronize multiple iCloud Calendar and Gmail Contact accounts without directly connecting your phone to your computer. SyncGene synchronizes your data automatically, so you can keep your iCloud and Google Calendar in sync at all times. You just need to link your iCloud Calendar to Google Calendar and the changes which you make in one source will be automatically transferred to another without any duplicates. SyncGene even backs up your iPhone Contacts to your Google Drive account automatically and all the data can be easily restored. Also, you can restore your contacts using Google Contacts Restore feature. Here are some of the features that make this service stand out among other sync platforms. 

SyncGene Features

SyncGene is a web-app solution that offers users a variety of customizable options to help them connect and synchronize personal data from their favorite applications such as (Google, iCloud, Microsoft 365, Exchange) and many more. Here are some features that organizations find to be the most beneficial when syncing information between different platforms using SyncGene.


 SyncGene is compatible with Google, iCloud, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange. It can be used with Android, iPhone, Samsung, and Windows phones. Any smartphone running an iOS or Android operating system can use SyncGene. Additionally, Google Contacts and iPhone synchronization will work with various mobile devices or software versions.

Automatic Scheduling 

SyncGenes automatic scheduling feature ensures contacts on all devices are always up to date. Any updates or additions to Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks will be shown on all linked devices and services. Since SyncGene updates all connected accounts, only one preferred account is needed per phone.  

 Calendar Sync Features 

 SyncGene allows for the sharing and editing of calendar events with people on different platforms. This includes Google, iCloud, Office 365, Microsoft or any other cloud account. For example, using the SyncGene platform to send a Gmail event to a user on iCloud/iPhone, the owner of that account would be able to view and edit the event. With this calendar synchronization feature any changes made would be synchronized between both users. 

Safety and Security 

SyncGene is a safe, reliable service that is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Personal information is not stored on SyncGene. All data from iCloud, Google Drive, or OneDrive backups are recoverable. This service simply serves as an intermediary tool for sharing and synchronizing information. 

SyncGene Subscription Plans 

 SyncGene offers Individual, Teams and Enterprise subscription plans which provide users with a variety of different synchronization features.  

 SyncGene Free* Individual Plan 

  • 1 manual sync*** per 30 days 
  • Sync up to 2 sources 
  • Sync up to 500 Contacts 
  • Share 1 Calendar** 
  • No Auto-sync 

SyncGene Individual Premium Plan 

  • Unlimited manual syncs 
  • Sync up to 5 sources 
  • Sync Unlimited Contacts 
  • Share Unlimited number of Calendars 
  • Auto-sync enabled 
  • Create Public sharing links 
  • Annual Billing 
  • $69.95 / year

SyncGene Teams Plan 

  • Synchronize data both ways  
  • Choose what and where to sync with folder mapping 
  • Transfer Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks from one platform to another 
  • Share Calendars 
  • Starts from just $4.75 per month/per member 

SyncGene Enterprise Plan 

  • Add unlimited users to one Enterprise account 
  • Centralized member administration and billing 
  • Dedicated account manager 
  • Share Calendars and Contacts 
  • Salesforce Contacts synchronization 
  • Starts from just $3.73 per month/per member