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In October 2019, PG&E Public Safety Power Outages and wildfires in the state of California resulted in millions of users including businesses being without power for several days. Such outages can be particularly challenging for businesses; in one instance, the O’Reilly Media’s website went offline “due to the fires and power outages in California.”

All businesses—including city, state, and federal governments—create Business Continuity Plans so that the organization can continue with ongoing operations and recover from potential threats and disasters while minimizing financial loss and interrupted operations. Business continuity plans include creating systems of prevention and recovery that keep employees and infrastructure from harm.

In addition, stakeholders are driven by the need to galvanize resources and link key decision-makers and personnel during emergencies. A key piece in Business Continuity is ensuring all teams can receive the latest information and communicate effectively via business smartphones in emergency situations.

This post summarizes the first three benefits (of nine benefits) of automated contact syncing for business smartphones. It also provides links to the full infographic as a PDF and as a video.

Benefit #1: Employees Will Always Have Up-to-Date Contacts

A complete and up-to-date contact list from the lowest-ranking employee to the CEO will always be available on employee smartphones. Being able to quickly contact decision-makers and first responders help mitigates big potential losses during an emergency.

Benefit #2: Employees Have Instant Access to Information

Up-to-date emergency plans and external contact lists are instantly delivered to personnel smartphones. Furthermore, accurate contact information also means instant delivery of wide-scale Continuity of Operations/Disaster Recovery broadcasts via third-party notification systems.

Benefit #3: Employee Data is Protected

Centralized administration by a single Global Administrator means manual pushes, data or user edits, and after-the-fact error corrections are eliminated. And, the administrator sets privilege levels and access to protect employee and executive privacy to conform to organization privacy standards.

View, download, or share the Business Continuity Best Practices PDF, or watch a short video on the Business Continuity best practices for smartphone contact management.

SaaS Solution to Automate Syncing of Shared Contacts to Smartphones

With CiraSync—a secure, Azure-based SaaS—you can quickly sync Office 365 shared contacts and calendars to business smartphones and be prepared for business continuity for your enterprise in case of emergency situations.

The solution provides many benefits including centralized administration with single sign-on, granular control, and best-in-class support. There is no software to install, no client configuration, and no need for user training. 

Get started with a free, 180-day, 10-user CiraSync Enterprise Edition Trial (no credit card, no contract) to test the solution for your company.