Supporting Emergency Organizations Serving Communities During
The COVID-19 Crisis

Cira Apps is offering CiraSync free to any emergency organization.

Emergency personnel need their contacts, schedules, and emergency procedures automatically synced to their smart devices at all times to be able to do their jobs effectively and quickly in crisis situations

Join hundreds of Fire and Police departments, Emergency Medical Services, Hospitals and Hospices, Schools, Universities, and Funeral homes already using CiraSync to keep teams connected and schedules synced on smartphones.

Free trial is valid until November 20, 2020. 

We want to help and support those on the front lines of this crisis.

This offer requires no purchase, no obligation, or a credit card.

This offer excludes current CiraSync customers. 

 CiraSync automatically updates smartphones with the right contacts and calendars, anytime, anywhere.

GAL Sync

Instantly identify and prioritize incoming calls from authoritative sources. Get help to where it is needed.

GAL Sync

Deliver accurate and up-to-date emergency contact lists, notes and schedules, multiple times a day.

GAL Sync
Automatically maintain privacy standards and protect employee data. Manage privileges and access to contacts with a single global administrator.
GAL Sync
Get real-time, accurate contact information to operate effectively and deliver Disaster Recovery broadcasts from third-party notification systems.
GAL Sync
Broadcast and handle employee-to-employee communication via SMS, PIN-to-PIN or PTT channels. Your network can always communicate, even if phone lines are overloaded.
Put CiraSync to work for your COVID-19 emergency heroes!
  • Free trial valid until November 20, 2020. 
  • No contract (cancel anytime)
  • No software to install, no user training
  • GDPR compliant
This free offer is available for:
  • Emergency Services (police, fire fighters, EMS)
  • Schools, colleges, & universities
  • Hospitals
  • Hospices
  • Funeral Homes

Get started with CiraSync now

Sync your team’s Office 365 GAL, calendars, Public Folder contacts and calendars, and sticky notes to employee smartphones in less than two minutes.

  • An IT administrator can setup and get the solution running in less than 60 mins
  • QuickStart Guide on how to get started
  • Free support available