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Home > Support Articles > IT Management > Assigning Admin Roles to the CiraSync Service Account
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When upgrading to CiraSync Enterprise Edition, a dedicated service account with the Global Administrator Role is required. However, after signing in to the CiraSync Enterprise Edition for the first time, the service account can be demoted by assigning the service account a custom role. This will not affect CiraSync functionality.



  1. Log in to the Office 365 Global Administrator portal.
  2. Click Admin under Apps to go to the Admin Center.
  3. Click Users > Active Users. (See figure below.) Active User Menu from O365 Admin Center Navigation
  4. Click the service account you would like to demote.
  5. Click on Edit in the Roles row. (See figure below.) Active User Profile in O365 Tenant
  6. Click the circle next to Customized Administrator.
  7. Check the box next to role of your choice. In this example, the account is demoted to Service Administrator.
  8. Click Save.