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When you signed up for CiraSync, you granted CiraSync permission to access your Office 365 account. CiraSync uses the Office 365 API to access user mailboxes so that it can create and update the Office 365 Global Address List, contacts, and calendar appointments. If you no longer wish to use CiraSync, you may want to learn how to remove the permissions you granted to CiraSync.

This guide shows how to remove CiraSync access to an Office 365 account. NOTE: Consent removal does not remove any synced contacts. To remove synced contacts, you must remove the sync tunnels directly from the CiraSync dashboard or manually remove these contacts yourself on Outlook.



  1. Visit https://myapps.microsoft.com.
  2. Click the Azure portal
  3. Click Azure Active Directory in the left navigation panel.
  4. Click Enterprise Applications in the Overview panel. (See figure below.)A page with all your Enterprise Applications will open. (See figure below.)
  5. Double-click the CiraSync Contact Management The CiraSync application page will open. (See figure below.)
  6. Click Delete.  A confirmation message will appear on the screen.
  7. Click Yes. 


Congratulations, you have successfully removed CiraSync access to your Office 365 account.

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