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Calendar Sync

How to link Calendars on SyncGene 

Linking contacts with SyncGene allows users to unify Calendars from Apple, Android, or Windows devices so they never miss a meeting again and avoid receiving duplicate events.   Users can link multiple calendars in the following steps:  1. Log into SyncGene using your...

CiraSync v1.10.13

CiraSync v1.10.13 1354 CCC: add Internal Server column to mailbox export 1370 Reporting: ‘Only when error’ option under Sync Notifs 1376 Partner: option to add multiple billing PoC 1385 Sync: option to source Group Calendar 1386 SystemCleanup: reporting service...

CiraSync v.1.10.10

CiraSync v.1.10.10 1349 CCC: chart dialog grids navigate to tenant/partner details(double click, context menu) 1350 Tunnel: Add category with calendar name option Price increase + grandfathering Date of Update: June 29th, 2022.

CiraSync v.1.10.8

CiraSync v.1.10.8 1313 Tenant: show public IPs on Settings -> About 1340 Tenant: Request Quote dialog – “State or Province*” field should be required 1343 Tenant: email display name format option 1341 Add Option on Calendar Sync Tunnel target to sync meetings...

CiraSync v1.10.2

CiraSync v1.10.2 1297 Calendar: Show As Free option 1299 Tenant: Sales quote dialog – revision of proration + renewal  (premium connectors eliminated, but you can still set them from CCC) Date of Update: May 24th, 2022 Legacy Azure AD graph is gone, current EE...

CiraSync v1.9.26

CiraSync v1.9.26 1289 Tenant: data obfuscation option + CST members access request 1295 Portal User: remove Become Admin button 1296 Partner: Tunnel edit should default to step1 of the wizard Date of Update: May 2nd, 2022.