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Executive Summary

The IT consulting company walk2talk IT provides Microsoft-based and cloud-centric IT solutions to enterprise clients in northeastern Italy. One of their clients, Goriziane is a highly-regarded creator and provider of customized technology solutions to the energy, defense, and transport industries. Its combines industrial hardware with elegant software to meet rigorous specifications – and display a design flair that gives them a unique functional beauty.

Given the nature of Goriziane’s business, its employees need to be in constant communication with personnel on the production floor and at customer sites. The missing GAL sync in Office 365 was a productivity blocker as employees did not always have the latest contacts on their business iPhones or were unable to look up the GAL from production facilities with no wireless connection.

The team identified their solution requirements: cloud-based, very quick to deploy, and easy to use.


Goriziane manages its contacts centrally and wanted to modernize the sharing of its corporate address book (in a public folder) with employees. For Goriziane employees, communication with its smartphone-equipped personnel on the production floor and outside the office is a necessity. “This company has many Office 365 users who don’t carry a tablet or PC with them,” explains Marco Gumini, a Solution Engineer at walk2talk, a Microsoft partner that recommended CiraSync to Goriziane. He adds, “Our task was to help every user maximize productivity using their iPhones.”

“We saw CiraSync as the best way to sync their public folder contacts to their iPhone users. In the production facilities where there might be no wireless connection, GAL lookup was not an option,” says Gumini.

“…simple to use and to explain to our clients.”

Marco Gumini, Solutions Engineer, walk2talk


CiraSync: The Right Solution for Enterprise

After investigating other solutions, and searching the applications market, walk2talk tried CiraSync Personal Edition. It met all the requisites: cloud-based, very quick to deploy, and easy to use. walk2talk launched a proof of concept with CiraSync Enterprise Edition. “That same day, Goriziane decided CiraSync was the solution they wanted,” recounts Gumini. “It has been the answer to their communication needs in the manufacturing environment.”

“We loved to find the solution to integrate with Office 365. It’s so simple to use, to explain to our clients and to deploy in their environment. CiraSync makes Office 365 work very well for them.”

Marco Gumini, Solutions Engineer, walk2talk

Fast Deployment and the Right Fit

Goriziane started by using CiraSync to sync its general address book to smartphone-equipped employees, providing them with key shared phone numbers. The deployment quickly grew to approximately 60 users.

Gumini says, “walk2talk built a package of Office 365, SharePoint, and the cloud for our clients, so they can manage it easily. CiraSync fit perfectly into our package and fulfills its role flawlessly. CiraSync, Office 365 is now the complete communication solution for our clients.”

Employee Productivity Rises

Goriziane’s inter-employee communication for mobile and production floor employees now keeps pace with its engineering creativity and technology innovation. Users benefit from complete, up-to-date contacts in their smartphone. They never need to enter a corporate contact nor erase an obsolete contact.

Contact and calendar sync automation is invaluable to any enterprise organization. Read more on how companies are using contact and calendar sync automation to produce profit with our blog post on How Automatically Synced Contacts and Calendars Save Companies Big Money.

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