Home > Support Articles > Calendar Sync > Calendar events are not syncing to my phone. What do I do?
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This can happen for several reasons.

    • You do not have a service account that is set to Application Impersonation Mode. Application Impersonation allows CiraSync to impersonate an admin account in order to sync and perform sync tasks.
    • If your contacts and calendar events have not been synced after creating a Service Account and setting it to Application Impersonation Mode, please log in to the CiraSync dashboard using the Service Account. Then, in the CiraSync settings, you can make CiraSync use the account you created as the Service Account.
    • The Azure Token on the Service Account has expired. Please log in to the CiraSync dashboard with the tenant service account. This should reset the Azure Token.
    • The Mobile Exchange Connector is not active on your phone. Check out our support article on How to Enable the Mobile Exchange Connector to learn how.
    • If the Mobile Exchange Connector is active on your phone and the problem persists, there could be an error with Microsoft Exchange. Turn off the Mobile Exchange Connector for 30–40 minutes, and then turn it back on again.
    • If you are running a manual sync, make sure you checked the Update Cache option in the SYNC NOW pane.
    • If the problem still persists, please contact the CiraSync Customer Success Team by submitting a support ticket.