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Cira Apps has partnered with PieSync to offer two-way syncing between personal contact folders and Public Folders in Outlook and 170+ CRM and marketing applications. For Salesforce, CiraSync offers a native sync for automatically syncing CRM contacts to Outlook on smartphones.

CiraSync works with PieSync by creating contact lists from the data pulled from the two-way sync that PieSync creates between Outlook and CRM and marketing applications. This guide shows how to setup automatic syncing of HubSpot contacts to an Office 365 tenant and business smartphones.


Before You Start

This guide is for CiraSync Enterprise Edition subscription users and PieSync users who have at least bought the starter pack from PieSync. If both don’t apply to you, please follow the instructions on upgrading to CiraSync Enterprise Edition and signing up for the PieSync starter pack listed below:


Configuring PieSync for HubSpot
  1. Log in to the PieSync dashboard.
  2. Create a connection between Microsoft Outlook and HubSpot.
  3. Configure your sync.
  4. Personalize your sync settings.
  5. Establish the two-way connection between Microsoft Outlook and HubSpot. Now the HubSpot Contact List will appear in your Outlook Mailbox.
Configuring CiraSync for Hubspot
  1. Log in to the CiraSync dashboard.
  2. Click the + in the Contact Lists (See figure below.) Contact Lists Pane
  3. Select Shared Mailbox as the contact source type. (See figure below.)Selecting Shared Mailboxes as source for sync tunnel. You will be taken to STEP 1: Select Private Folder on the CiraSync dashboard. (See figure below.)STEP 1 Dashboard of creating a sync tunnel with a shared mailbox.
  4. Select the user with the HubSpot Contact List in their Office 365 account. You will see a hierarchy of folders in the user mailbox.
  5. Select the HubSpot Contact List.
  6. Click NEXT at the top-right corner of the dashboard. (See figure below.) Using an Outlook Hubspot Contact List as source of sync. You will be taken to STEP 2: Choose Target Mailboxes on the CiraSync dashboard. (See figure below.)STEP 2 Dashboard of HubSpot Sync.
  7. Select All Mailboxes and All Contacts as the sync targets.
  8. Click NEXT at the top-right corner of the dashboard. (See figure below.) Using the GAL as the target for HubSpot sync. You will be taken to STEP 3: Specify contact list options. (See figure below.) STEP 3 Dashboard of Hubspot sync.
  9. Name the contact list in the Provide Contact List Name NOTE: The Contact List Name will be added as a category for each contact synced by CiraSync.
    1. Check Sync Contact Groups if you have groups in the contact list and would like to sync members of that group.
    2. Check Populate Outlook Auto-Complete List if you want these sync contacts appear in the Outlook Auto-Complete list.
    3. Click + next to Contacts if you would like to sync these contacts to a new subfolder.
    4. Enter the preferred name of your subfolder if you created a subfolder for the HubSpot contacts.
  10. Click SAVE. (See figure below.) Specify Contact List Options for Hubspot sync.
  11. Click the CiraSync icon in the top-left corner of the window to return to the main dashboard.
  12. Check the Update Cache box under the Sync Status pane in the top-right corner of the dashboard.
  13. Click SYNC NOW to run a manual sync. (See figure below.) Performing Hubspot sync.

Congratulations! You have just used CiraSync and PieSync to sync your HubSpot contacts to all the mailboxes in your Office 365 tenant and business smartphones. Any changes made to the contact lists in HubSpot and Outlook will be detected and updated by PieSync. CiraSync will then push these updates to user mailboxes in Outlook and business smartphones.

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