How to Change the Default Address Book in Microsoft Outlook

This article will outline how you can change the default address book in Microsoft Outlook. CiraHub consolidates numerous data sources from multiple platforms ensuring that the information remains consistent across devices and software.

How to Change the Default Address Book in Outlook

You may need to select a different address book from the Address Book list if you open Outlook Address Book and the name or email address you are looking for is not there. You can modify the default address book that is shown when you open the Address Book if you frequently select another address book.

1. On the Standard toolbar, click Address Book

2. Click Tools, and then click Options.

3. In the Show this address list first box, click the name of the address book that you want. Then click OK, and then close the Address Book.

And there you go! You just learned how to change the default address book in Outlook.

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You don’t need an Exchange account to use an Outlook Address Book. The contacts in your default Contacts folder, which include either email accounts or fax numbers, are automatically copied into your Outlook Address Book. When you select Contacts from the Address Book list, these contacts are shown in the Address Book dialog box.

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