How to Create a Shared Calendar in Outlook

A shared calendar is a calendar that is shared to one or more individuals. A shared calendar is a great tool that promotes collaboration, productivity, and the development of time management skills. Overall, Outlook shared calendars is a useful asset for a team or company of any size.

This guide shows how to create shared calendars in Outlook.


Creating the Calendar

  1. Launch Outlook Desktop.
  2. Click the calendar icon in navigation panel in the bottom-left corner of the window. Outlook will then display calendar view.
  3. Click +Open Calendar in the ribbon > Create New Blank Calendar. (See figure below.)
    NOTE: In the Simplified Ribbon, click +Add > Create New Blank Calendar.
  4. Name the calendar. In this example, the calendar is called Cira Apps Marketing Team Calendar.
  5. Select where to place the calendar. In this example, the calendar will be a subfolder of the main calendar folder.
  6. Click OK. (See figure below.)
  7. Click the calendar that was just created in the navigation panel to open the calendar.
  8. Click New Appointment, New Meeting, or New Items to add events to the calendar.

Sharing the Calendar w/ Read-Only Access

  1. Click Share Calendar in the ribbon. A blank email invitation will open. (See figure below.)
  2. Define the recipients of the shared calendar in the To field.
    NOTE: A shared calendar can be shared with a single user, users, or a user group.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow under Details and select recipient’s viewing permissions. 
    NOTE: A request to view the recipient’s calendar can be sent along with this invitation by clicking the Request permission to view recipient’s Calendar checkbox. 
  4. Click Send. 

Sharing the Calendar w/ Delegated Permissions and Access

  1. In calendar view, right-click the calendar created in the Creating the Calendar section of this guide in the navigation panel.
  2. Click Properties. 
  3. Click the Permissions tab.
  4. Click Add.  (See figure below.)
  5. Search for the user(s) or group(s) to share the calendar to.
  6. Double-click the username/group name to add.
  7. Click OK when all desired users have been added. (See figure below.)
  8. Click the drop-down arrow in Permission Level.
  9. Choose the permission level to assign to the added user. In this example, the user is assigned the Publishing Author permission level.
    NOTE: If sharing with multiple users, click the entry for each recipient to be able to delegate their viewing and editing permissions.
  10. Click OK. (See figure below.)

If you and your team have a set of calendars that you all use together, you may want to use a calendar group. Calendar Groups are great for teams because it allows you to see combined schedules at a glance. Check out our blog post on Creating an Outlook Calendar Group!

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