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Behind the scenes at CiraSync, there are cloud “Workers” that sync information to smartphones and Exchange mailboxes. The workers build temporary databases from public folders and the Global Address list.

The next step of the worker is to sync the cache database to targeted mailboxes in the respective tenant. Syncing from the cache is much faster than reading a public folder every time a mailbox needs to be synced.

CiraSync previously had a single set of Workers in a Microsoft Azure data center in the US.

For our customers that have an Office 365 tenant based in the European Union, we now have an additional set of workers in an Azure data center located in the European Union.

For compliance with GDPR, our EU tenants should now specify the geographic location where their data should be cached. This also affects where sync operations will be processed. In GDPR terms, the “Processor” is also in the EU.

We were able to manually configure a few EU customers. However, we need you to logon to the CiraSync dashboard and set the correct Geographical Region. If it is already correct, there is no reason to make any further changes.

First, click on the photo thumbnail icon in the top right corner of the dashboard.

Next, click the settings button (2):

Now use the listbox selector (3) to choose the region that best defines where your Office 365 tenant resides.

Be sure to click the SAVE button (4) when you are done.

For European subscribers that change this setting, all US based cache databases will be purged after about 30 days.

If you are in the EU, you may notice that sync tasks complete a little bit quicker because the latency to your Office 365 mailboxes is much lower. We are noticing reductions in sync time from 15 to 30 percent.

If you choose regions other than the EU, your worker and cache will still be hosted in the US. We do plan on adding additional workers in Australia and Asia in the next 12 months.